Finding Grace

This next weekend (April 24) I have been invited to speak at my church. The topic that I have been asked to speak on is GRACE and/or getting second chances in life!

I get this opportunity from time to time. It is quite cathartic to be able to speak now as a non-paid staff person. I feel a little more free and less constrained by the responses of others. Getting the chance to speak again publicly in this way has been, in itself, a whole second-chance “grace” thing.

Stupid Church People are well aware of what it means to get second chances. More than once in this life, through my failures and the failures of others, I have found myself in “starting over” mode. Not a very fun place to be while I was there, but an almost necessary place if I truly want to move forward in my life.

When I found myself at the “starting over” place, I discovered more about the “real” me. Not the “I’ve got everything together me” or the “put on a happy face” me. It has been at those times that I have discovered more about myself and the way God sees me.

So this week, my posts will probably revolve around this idea of second chances and starting over. Hope you don’t mind me working out this weekends talk in public. Could be fun (or maybe not!).

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