Communicating Grace

Well it is Friday evening and I am wrapping up the talk for this weekend. I had a couple of nice emails this week where people opened up and shared stories of their journey to discover grace in their own lives.

From what they wrote, I guess I am not the only one who doesn’t quite have a handle on this grace idea just yet! There seems to be a mystery as to how God can love us so completely and so freely. It is a very difficult idea to comprehend. In our everyday existence and dealing with others we are almost certain that there are no “free lunches”. Everything and everyone has a price tag, a catch or an angle to play.

I find myself asking this week, “So what is God’s angle here?” I keep reading, looking and expecting the other shoe to drop any moment.

But it hasn’t.

Grace is there for the receiving…all we have to do is take it!

Grace is there for the giving…all we have to do is share it!

Receive grace like your life depends on it (because it really does).

Give grace as if others lives depend on it (because it really does).

3 Replies to “Communicating Grace”

  1. I think if you read through the Old Testament and consider what God went through with His people before He sent his Son… grace starts to make sense. The answer to the question of Grace is hinted at in the reason grandparents are more charitable and forgiving towards children than parents.

  2. This website is fucking rad! Sorry, I just like the thought of posting the f-word and knowing that it’s ok! No, seriously, I LOVE this discussion of grace. It makes me feel so free and happy… hmmmmm, just like it’s intended!

  3. Exactly how does the use of the phrase “you’re such a faggot” at the end of the detox podcast fit in with the idea of ‘communicating grace’?SignedA real-life faggot.

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