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Recently I read an article entitled “Escape from Consumer Church” by Bob Hyatt that encapsulated much of what I think about church and a possible model of church for the future. Bob is pastor of Evergreen Community in Oregon. He has an insightful perspective, a captivating personal story and some refreshing suggestions for the church.

I have posted a link to this article in the right side column. Please take a few minutes to read it and then share it with a friend.

To whet your appetite here’s a quote from the article:

“Here’s what I want you to hear in this article. If you consider yourself a follower of Christ- you need to know this. The church is not here for you. You are here for the church, your community, and your community, the church is here for the world. Jesus did not die to make you into a sanctified consumer. He died to bring you alive to God and to a desperately needy world.”

Love it!

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