Fix You

Well it finally happened. God spoke. Just when I didn’t think it possible he did it again. Surprised me from left field. Hit me when I didn’t expect it. Didn’t just hit me, but laid me out. It was a one punch knockout – God style.

And is par for the course for me it was “rock-n-roll” that saved my life. The part that “secular” music has played in my life far outways Christian music’s influence. It is not even close. There is authenticity in those that choose to do their art outside of the confines or limits of the Christian marketplace that inspires and moves me.

I downloaded the new Coldplay album from iTunes last week and as I listened to it, I couldn’t stop hearing God speak to me through almost every song. One track in particular, track number 4 entitled “Fix You”, ministered to me like no other. There is a promise in that song from God to each of us. Other tracks like “What If”, “X & Y” and “The Hardest Part” also spoke to my heart. If you want a good listen and if you have ever experienced love, loss or grief – you will find restoration in these songs.

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  1. No building…My church is like many in So Cal … renting a building & ready to soon move into a “real” building. Scheduling would have it that out rent expired before the new building is ready/legal to move into – leaving us to meet in the local city park (with permits of course). It’s been awesome. “Church” in the park. People wandering by that would never go to a formal “church” under most circumstances & hearing the gospel just because a bunch of believers want to get together & don’t happen to have a building.

  2. Reading “Fix You” and “secular” music; I couldn’t agree more. Every year, my own personal ALBUM OF THE YEAR is always a secular artist and, if you listen to the albums, they are full of spiritual longing and latent religious themes. I never seem to give an album that title unless it does something to my soul. For 2004, it was “Everyone Is Here” by THE FINN BROTHERS, in 2003 was “Rainy Day Music” by THE JAYHAWKS, in 2002 it was “The Rising” by BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, even “The Invisible Band” by TRAVIS in 2001 falls under the same category. Rock ‘n’ Roll saved my life too and I previously credited Jackson Browne, not Jesus with getting me through my adolescence! I’ll give the new Coldplay a listen and see if it comes in at the top of ’05.

  3. am i speaking to THE steve! right on…first of all, van halen rocks. david lee roth, with or without spandex, rules school. sammy hagar socks. yes, SOCKS! roth shoes. yes, SHOES!so u like COLDPLAY huh? i’m not tooaware of them…do they do that song:“What’s the frequency Gwenneth?”

  4. i remember in the eighties when church people pretended that U2 were christians because Boner said that he ‘Believed in God’… so on church trips all these sheepies were blaring ‘rattle a bum’ and acting as if God was speaking to them through the music; meanwhile, others of us weren’t aloud to play van halen, rush, ac/dc, or other bands that were just as secular as U2… amazing how powerful rationalization can be!

  5. So BENEATHROVER…I find it interesting that you actually admit wanting to listen to van halen, rush or ac/dc…how could a person like yourself stand such banal secular crap? It seems so “beneath” you. I am really sorry you weren’t allowed to listen to such music. You mention “praising God outright”… explain that will you? How does one praise God outright? How do you?And I have already said I think secular music is better than Christian music. No rationalizations necessary.Finally, explain the meaning of “have your cake and eat it too”… I am baffled by this expression. I mean, if I buy me a cake or take the time to make one, shouldn’t I also be able to eat it. This one never made sense. What’s so wrong with having a cake and eating it?Gotta run…gotta go comb some woolhairs!

  6. I won’t lie to you…God spoke to me through the last Greenday Album “American Idiot.” It has some of the best social commentary on suburbia and the modern day church that I have ever found. As one who has been continually burned by every church “system” I have ever encountered, I’ve found my faith in everything that has been deemed “wrong” to me.I think you might like it…with lyrics like “Hearts recycled, but never saved,” and song titles like “Jesus of Suburbia,” you can’t help but perk up an ear.Plus, it’ll rock your ass off.

  7. how about the GREENDAY song about the millionaire punk rocker who acts as if he’s a blue collar rebel with nothing to lose even though he could buy the world ten times over… oh, wait, there’s no song like that by GREENDAY, is there? (after all, that’d be a TRULY honest song for a rock/punk/pop band like GREENDAY who act as if republicans are the only people on earth with tons of money… rock bands: hypocrites all!)

  8. I completely agree about “Fix You,” Coldplay, and other secular music in general. I think God clearly uses music as a way to speak to our hearts, no matter what it’s labeled, and Christians who complain about the evils of secular music are missing out.

  9. yes sir I’m sure God uses secular music, written by people who hate and/or don’t believe in God at all, and who detest Christians like all liberals do… yes, I’m sure God uses them to meet our own lonely needs by us listening to their mediocre songs and then RATIONALIZING it with the lie that God is within the music that we are listening to instead of praising God outright… YE LOST SHEEPIES ARE COMBING YOUR WOOLHAIRS BY THE REFLECTION ON THE WOLF’S TOOTH AND DON’T EVEN KNOW IT YET! (just admit it, guys, secular music is better than christian music… stop trying to have your cake and eat it too)

  10. A band like COLDPLAY, helmed by a liberal athiest, making one closer to God… Well, I guess, then, ANYTHING is possible!

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