What’s All The Fuss?

It is frustrating that my first post in almost three weeks will be nothing of orginality on my part. I have been preoccupied with some other things personally and professionally – and quite frankly am working on about 3 or 4 blogs at the same time. I just need to get focused on them and go for it.

However, a loyal friend of SCP (thanks Ricky) brought to my attention that one of my recent writings, “The Pastor Problem” was causing quite a commotion on another website called Monday Morning Insight.

Before you go read, let me first thank Todd at MMI for having the courage to share on his site a post from a site called “Stupid Church People.” You have cajones my friend!

Secondly, this is another reminder that what we say and do can and will have far-reaching effects, especially when it comes to cyber-space. I am reminded that what I write and say online will follow me forever. The SCP site has solidified that there isn’t a chance in hell I will ever serve on a church staff again (do I hear an “Amen” and “Praise the Lord”) nor will I probably be speaking much at local churches or conferences in the near future. Might be hard to introduce me to the congregation as the founder of “Stupid Church People”. What a way to win over an audience huh?

Finally, and for the record, I do not drink beer because of acid reflux – it almost kills me to take one sip. I do eat some fast-food but not enough to put it in the “seven-deadly sins” category. And I do drive a a brand new BMW (an X3 to be exact) and the damn thing cost me my first speeding ticket in about 20 years! Never had to worry about speeding in my four cylinder cars of the past. (You’ll understand this last paragraph when you read the comments on the aforementioned site from my new best friend Jean-Paul. We will definitely be talking about Jean-Paul more on this site. He is such a special person and I bet he is also very cute!)

Take a moment and head on over there and read all of the comments posted. Feel free to post there if you like, but please come back here and post as well. We want to read everything you guys say over there….OK?? Promise?? Thanks!

One thought on “What’s All The Fuss?”

  1. Steve,I have just discovered your blog and I’m enjoying it while simultaneously feeling like I want to throw up.I’m enjoying it because I have been through very similar experiences–degrees in Theology, worked in churches, had realizations, don’t work in or attend church anymore. Very long stories.I’m about to throw up because it is rather difficult to read comments made by SCPs. I remember when I first stopped going to church I realized that many of my church friends could not possibly understand what I was saying while they continued to be on the inside. Some of the responses to your words made by those on the inside reinforce my choice to get out of that place. Anyway, I’m going to read everything here and make a few comments when I feel like I have anything to add. I’m just taking this lunchtime moment to say “hey” and thank you for your work.

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