The Lies of Religion Game

In my previous post, Theology on Tap, a pastor will be holding a discussion in a local bar regarding “The Seven Great Lies of Organized Religion”. So I was thinking I would ask and see what you people would put on your list of lies you feel organized religion portrays or communicates.

I would suggest that you make your list of seven prior to reading anyone else’s list on the comments. So make your list, submit it here and let’s see what we come up with together…and I am certain it will be more than all agreeing on the same seven lies.

But I have only one rule on this post, stick to your list of seven (please do not comment on anyone’s else’s list for now) and then after about a week we will have a thread to discuss all the submissions.

So let’s start LYING to each other!

32 thoughts on “The Lies of Religion Game”

  1. Seven Lies I Learned At ChurchIf you just prayed more or prayed harder, that life would be easier, less stressful, answers would come easier, sooner, happier.Tithing 10% (or more) to the church will make you wealthier, more peaceful, and more content.There are some sins (the “big ones”) that are unforgivable, and there are some sins that are bigger/worse than others. Those that are hidden (pride, unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, ingratitude, etc.) are much better than those that are obvious (homosexuality, divorce, adultery, smoking, drinking, murder, etc.)Service and ministry inside the church, at church programs, for church people will make you holier. Not serving here, for us, will make you rebellious and wicked.God only speaks to the pastor. (The pastor will tell you what God wants you to hear. Obeying the pastor’s “word” to you isn’t an option if you are to remain in good standing.)God only calls certain people to be missionaries. Those that he calls to the “mission field” are to go overseas to reach those that have never heard the name of Jesus. The “lost” here in our own country, cities, and neighborhoods have already heard His name and rejected Him and they are destined for hell. We are to do nothing for them and be nothing to them.Get a person to stand on a chair and a person to stand next to them on the ground. Have the person on the chair try to pull the person on the ground up to their “level.” Have the person on the ground try to pull the person down to their “level.” Moral of the story: It is much easier to pull someone down than to pull someone up – bad character corrupts good people – don’t associate or become close to non-Christians.

  2. I see God instructing us to love God, love our neighbor. To carry the message of the good news to all. Can anyone explain why or how, loving God, loving our neighbor and carrying the message to all has anything to do with complaining about organized church? The Bible tell us to deal with those in private that do wrong. If you have a problem with a person in the church… take the problem to them.. deal with them as instructed by the God you claim to love. Yes, I realize the following the bible it hard…. And when you take the problem to the person that has ego.. you may not get satisfaction from that person… however, you will receive satisfaction thru the Lord…. Organized Church does have problems… and the problem is you and I… We are allowing those problems. We are the body…

  3. 7 lies…1. You will become either healthy, wealthy, or wise (or some combination of the three) when you start to develop a relationship with Christ. (e.g. see Joel Osteen).2. Good Church people vote Republican.3. Good Church people love homosexuals. (The truth is, they’re too busy keeping a ten foot pole between them and the homosexual in question that they can’t even begin to figure out how to love them.)4. Doing evangelism should be the number one goal of everyone in the church.5. The Church embraces diversity.6. Being the first person to close you eyes and raise your hands during a praise chorus makes you the holiest person in the service…and therefore worthy of praise.7. People that are ‘saved’ somehow sin <>less<> than people who aren’t.

  4. Ok, I haven’t read anyone else’s comments yet, so I’ll be especially interested to see how many overlap.1) Worship is music, or mainly music: usually, a nod is given to the general sense that technically everything we do is worship, but really, religion says music is worship. Although music (like everything) can certainly be worship, there is a false focus on it that draws us away from really worshipping in ‘spirit and truth.’2) You need a pastor’s/church’s prayer “covering,” or you will be hijacked by the hordes of hell, and taken for a joyride through spiritual backsliding: This is so bogus, it’s not even funny – and so aimed at keeping people dependent and in a religious system.3) The definition of church is usually a lie: the obvious one. You are the church. I am the church. We are the church. Where I go, the church is. Period. Duh.4) The “Sunday format” is somehow scriptural: And no, by the way, it isn’t really. Doesn’t mean it’s inherently wrong, but I love it when people get upset that there wasn’t “worship” <>after<> the announcements, as well as before. 5) People who don’t participate in a “traditional church setting” are backslidden: Baby, then I’m on the slip n’ slide of sin, and loving it (as is Jesus).6) The model of the pastor/ teacher/ administrator/ CEO is biblical: Hmm… nope. Pastoral gifting is very different than say, the gift of teaching. And both are different from being a gifted adminstrator or CEO.7) Conformity of belief amongst all believers is biblically required: Read acts. They disagreed on stuff. We are part of the body because of Christ crucified and risen as the Son of God. Focus on the basics, sure – but frankly, there’s room and grace for difference of belief and opinion. We don’t need to sequester off into separate “groups” that can all see everything identically, and it doesn’t weaken the reality or testimony of Christ to have disagreement. I’m sure we’ll all have some surprises when we get there – at least, all of you will. And that’s my take. Good post topic.

  5. Here are my seven lies:1. The pastor is the foundation of the church.2. The people go to church.3. It is the pastor’s job to minister.4. It is the pastor’s job to visit the sick.5. Large congregations are doing something right.6. You should dress appropriately when going to church.7. You need to go to church to get re-energized.

  6. I’m getting a little self-conscious about the fact that this is the 3rd post in a row where I comment first. Doesn’t anyone else check SCP every ten minutes for a new post?Anyway here’s my cuss-free seven (some with the typical supporting argument):1. If you work harder for the church, God will be more pleased with you.(Without faith, it’s impossible to please God, and faith without works is dead, so logically…)2. You must pay your tithes to the church you attend. You may support other ministries, but it must be with “offerings” given above and beyond your tithe.(“Bring your tithe into the storehouse,” says the Lord, “that there may be food in my house.” And what house is God’s house? The church building, of course!–d’ooh, that’s #3!)4. Things related to the church are “sacred” and things outside the church are “secular.”5. The best definition of “evangelism” is to bring someone to a church service.6. The best way to keep your teen “in the fold” is to sequester him/her from “the world.”(what hath light to do with darkness? + frienship with the world is emnity with God)7. The most accurate guage of your spirituality is your wallet.(Jesus talked about money more than anythng else. [!?!?!?!?])

  7. I guess I’m odd man out here. I’ve been going to a non-denominational bible church for years now, and an Evangelical Free church years before I came to the church I’m in now, and I’ve never heard any of these statements in either chuch.Where I have heard them is on message boards like this one, and on such networks as TBN and any other network that gets a Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Dr. Gene (some whack job out in CA I saw on tv when I lived in CT in 1992), Pat Robertson, etc.I can’t find any of what I’ve read here in the Bible which is the word of God. God’s words are the only ones you need to worry about. I hold all pastors accountable to what the bible says. If they’re preaching something that goes against the bible, I leave that church, because they’re adding to it or taking something away from it.I will say this though, I have heard these kinds of statements in the church my grandpa used to lead in Iowa, when I was a kid. And oh man has my dad told me some stories of what he used to hear growing up LOL.

  8. I could only come up with five (but the philosophy I’ve decided to use is that five really good lies are better than ten or 20 mediocore lies!!)1. I am a worthless nothing that does not deserve to be loved or accepted for who I am.2. You are a worthless nothing that does not deserve to be loved or accepted just for being you. 3. People that don’t have god are unhappy and empty, living a life of immorality. (And by extension, if I dump god I’ll end up as a homeless suicidal addict – just like all those people who shared their testimonies).4. god agrees with everything *my* demoniation teaches regarding doctrine and theology.5. I am not capable of doing good things or quality work — anything nice, good or happy that happens is because of god’s amazing grace and ability to work through me.

  9. We are deceived by many “so called” good thoughts as well as evil ones. Judson Edward mentions a few in his book, “Regaining Control of your life.” 1. God will love me more if I do more. (His love for you was complete in John 3:16)2. We should work and feel guilty if we are playing. (Jesus went to weddings, ate at people’s houses. Living an abundant life with joy, peace, laughter, and celebrating God’s goodness is a witness.)3. I can’t make a mistake. The world is watching. (We are all sinners. Besides the world isn’t that interested in you.)4. I am the only Bible some people ever read. (Yes, but should you pass from this life, God can and does get His work accomplished without you.)5. Morality is the heart of the Christian message. (Grace is the heart of the Christian message.)6. On my deathbed I’ll be sorry I didn’t do more. (If you have time to regret, you will regret that you didn’t love more, laugh more, delight more in others, etc.)7. Most Christians are lazy and uncommitted. (The truth is most Christians are burned out and disillusioned. He says His yoke is easy and His burden is light.)Here’s an idea for churchlessChristianity

  10. The 7 lies of religion:-1. “We” love you.2. Our religion loves you.3. Religion lets you develop Christ’s LIFE inside your own heavenly places in you.4. Religion is not full of lying spiritual entities operating in and through unregenerated human beings.5. Religion is not a system of denying you access to, and growth into, your birthright won for you by Jesus Christ.6. The “pastor” is free of control by spiritual powers not of Christ in his own heavenly places in him.7. Our stupid garments, rituals, symbolism, traditions, and time-consuming self-effort serving and all the external crap we do are spiritually relevant and helpful to your growth in Christ and the truth about Him in you NOW.

  11. bibledude: to answer your question, or to ask another one:What does complaining about people complaining about organized religion have to do with “God’s instructions”…eh?Christ complained about the church CONSTANTLY. If you could say that the Anointed One loathed anything, it would be the leaders of the church! In other words, there is good reason to debate or “complain”. You’re here after all, might as well ditch the “do no wrong” attitude you’re upholding.

  12. i have my list of things too…but i am way to tired to post them.i must admit, this has been the absolute most fun I have had being one of God’s kids. I have been out of the machine for about 9 months now. I have NEVER felt more alive and challenged to walk closer with my Jesus!spent the weekend ministering God’s Love at a conference in a neighboring town…demonstrating the power of God and telling them that He is a very personal Creator…and….i wanted to shout at that previous pastor:”what day is NOT God’s Day?”dont they ALL belong to Him?

  13. The 7 Great Lies of Organized Religion1)That’s the Pastor’s natural hair color!2)The spikey, wet-look is still “hip” for the youth pastor3)Polyester is God’s-fabric (If you’re modeling you wardrobe after the deacon board)4)Hey! We were doing the beehive hairdo way before the B-52’s (In fact, we still are!!)5)We don’t drink, smoke or cuss… somebody pass the Fried Chicken. I’m STILL not full!!6)Gotees are the outward manifestation of the emergent heart7)Praise means “fast songs”. Worship means “slow songs”.8)You’ll never be able to preach until you’ve attended cemetery… er, um, I mean seminary.9)If a hymn has 4 verses, we only sing the 1st, 3rd & 4th. (What have we got against that 2nd verse?!?)10)That’s the Pastor’s real hair…Aw man… I did 10! Oops!

  14. Oh yeah, my favorite one…I had a pastor who used to say, “If you skip church to go to the <>lake<>, you might wind up spending eternity there…”

  15. 1) the church is the ultimate authority. 2) you must belong to a local christian body of believers. there are no lone ranger christians.3) you must be “plugged in” and help others to do so. (work work and more work)4) we must have bigger and better programs to attract people to our church. numbers are everything. if you don’t grow, you are dying.5) you must give a minimum of 10%.6) go evangelize your neighbors, co-workers and strangers to get them to come to our church, even if you have no clue on earth what you are doing. make people feel guilty for being such sinners and then point them to our church so we can help them.7) You must go to church on Sunday, all dressed up, looking great and smiling. You must sit in an uncomfortable pew so you don’t fall asleep. You must all face forward and never interact with each other because you dont want to disrupt the ultimate part of the service which is a serman by the same preacher every week..This is your duty. This pleases God. And, don’t forget to never tell people if you are dying inside because you may look like you don’t have the Holy Spirit. Go out of the church and grit your teeth all week until you come back next week and try really hard to be good so you will get favor in God’s eyes and not go to Hell.There are 7 of the hundreds that I see…

  16. Okay… Here’s my real list. (I think I’m close…)1) Prosperity is the evidence of righteousness.2) Poverty is the evidence of righteousness3) You can earn your way into heaven, although we don’t preach works, we preach “saved by grace”, but you still need to be in church “when the doors are open” brother…4) Women aren’t allowed to preach.5) (modern lie) Truth is relative.6) God is a Republican & loves America more than all the other nations of the earth, because we’re a “Christian Nation” and they’re all sinners going to hell!7) Every bad thing that happens in the world is God’s judgement on the homosexual.

  17. 1. The pastor should be a paid professional.2. The five-fold ministry (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers – Eph 4:11) is for the Pastor only. (No wonder we wear them out so quickly)3. We don’t put our pastor on a pedestal. (That’s why so many of them fall.)4. This is a non-traditional church. (That’s why we have a flow-chart, meet in a building, pay a pastor, and do all of the other traditional things other churches do.)5. For worship, you need 3 or 4 fast songs, followed by 3 or 4 slow songs that end with the last line of the chorus going slower and s l o w e r and s l o w e r…….6. We need a building in which to meet.7. If you get saved you have to lose the earing, piercings, and hide your tats. Oh, yeah, and stop talking like that! (Better learn Christianese)

  18. Well, I really don’t have seven, but here’s a real tough one….“We are in a HOLY WAR ! “Oh yeah ? Our government, run by homosexuals, and hell-bent on killing as many innocent unborn children as it can, is justified by GOD ?!?@#$!I DON’T THINK SO…….

  19. Piggybacking on Paul’s lake threat…one sermon i heard, while visiting a new church, was about “them Presbyterians” with their boats in the church parking lots…shameful!! Just Shameful!!runnin around half naked all afternoon on God’s Day!!I looked around at the people….apparently the right thing to do was to belly up to the buffet line all afternoon. and to speak bad about another part of Christ’s body like that made me mad. WHAT was right about ANY of what he had to say.I never went back.

  20. 1. God speaks through the same person every week.2. You must have a building to be a church.3. Not tithing brings a curse.4. Consumer Christianity is Christian.5. Being busy is better than being spiritual.6. Church staff must do ministry for us, because the “common man” is uneducated.7. I lost my post and forgot the 7th. But this is enough to make me sick…

  21. 1. If you leave the church, you will be cursed.2. God has given you dignity here in this church, and now you want to leave?3. You will miss God’s destiny if you leave.4. Your children will backslide and go to hell if you leave the church. 5. There are no other churches in this area that hold a candle to this church.6. You are so full of pride to think you know more than the pastor about your spiritual well-being.7. If you want to know if you are a disciple of Jesus, ask the pastor.8. Submitting to the pastor is submitting to God. Don’t ever violate it.9. People who question the pastor have a religious spirit.10. All women are decieved, just like Eve, nothing has changed.11. The pastor knows God’s will for everyone. 12. Rebellion is witchcraft.13. Every attitude, worry, doubt, sin, is a spirit.14. The only person who can break that “spirit” is the pastor, or the traveling evangelist.15. You must come to the altar to get saved.16. If you are sick, it is becuase you sinned, your grandma sinned, your great great grandma sinned, or you hate someone and are bitter.17. If you miss church, you missed God. 18. If you have a tv, go to movies, go to theater, you will go to hell. 19. God did not tell you to leave the church, if He did, He would have told the pastor first. 20. Oral sex, vibrators and butt plugs are not “God’s will” for Christian married couples. (That’s for Josh)

  22. 1. Historians have verified that Jesus’ B-day wasn’t even in December or January based on the tax season in Bethlehem in those times. The “Christmas” holiday was the new orthodox churches attempt to create a seamless continuity between the pagan holidays of Winter Solstice (the birth of the holy, solar sun) and the new religion (birth of the holy son) which is only three days apart. This helped people to make the transition into a new dogmatic belief system.2. The stories of Jesus, God and the virgin mother were used (with different names) in other cultures predating western religions, including the Egyptian Isis and Osiris… and in the stories of Mithras, Ormuzd and Arahman (when Mithraism was practiced throughout the Roman Empire prior to the creation of Christianity).3. Until 325 A.D., half of the bishops of Rome practiced Gnostic and Mystic Christianity which taught that we are all divine children of God, that we are One with God as Jesus was… and of the universal laws of reincarnation. This ended when Constantine created the Nicene Creed and outlawed these teachings.4. Prior to the rule of Constantine, Origin of Alexandria was thought to be the greatest Christian thinker of his time. He wrote nearly two thousand books on Christian mysticism, Divinization and reincarnation. Constantine ordered these works to be destroyed because it caused disruption to his belief and ability to gain a unified political support of the masses.5. THE WORLD IS NOT ONLY 4,000 YEARS OLD!!!! Come on you dumb shits! The church has continuously tried to keep people, through fear, in a limited state of mind so that they would not expand beyond what the church has preached. People were killed and imprisoned for life for trying spread the word that the world was not flat and that it was not in the “Center of Gods Universe”… that we the earth is actually in a small solar system on the far edge of a massive galaxy. 6. Only two belief systems in the world that are fear based and believe in a Hell of eternal damnation ruled by a Devil… Christianity and Muslim. Because of this, they are driven by fear instead of understanding and compassion. These two religions have murdered far more people in the name of their religion than any other religious groups in the history of the world.7. The word “Hell” was a word used in the time of Persia. It means “shallow grave”. It was considered a damnation to be buried in a hell (shallow grave) because the body would be dug up and eaten by animals. If this happened, it was believed that the soul would never be able to reach its resting place and would therefore be eternally dammed. This became a threat to people and later twisted into the scriptures as a tool of fear.8. The Biblical religions of Catholicism and Christianity have been used as tools to move the masses in one direction. They are perfect for filling people with fear and taking away our divinity and our ability to be responsible for the reality that we create collectively upon this plane of existence. There is no Hell! There are no demons! The only place you will find these things is in the hearts and minds of mankind. There is nothing but beautiful, powerful existence on several dimensions that are all around us. When you die, you don’t go up or down!… You go out… you become a part of something indefinable… and perhaps back again.Its not 10 comments but I hope that eight is enough for now.

  23. Lies of organized religion:1. The “Sinner’s Prayer” is a magic spell that, if said correctly with the proper amount of tears and guilt involved, will gain you admission to heaven.2. Pastors, layleaders, church staff, etc., prayer more often and have a better handle on “God’s will” than the average church-goer, and are therefore more holy, “committed,” and generally morally superior.3. The epitome of a “good Christian” is to pray, read your bible, give your tithe faithfully, attend church as often as possible, and “share the gospel” with your unsaved friends.4. Singing with tears/eyes closed and a proper feeling of awe or joy=worshiping God.5. The gospel is good news for everybody (um, I disagree with this. It wasn’t good news for the religious leadership of Jesus’ day, now was it?)6. The “Gospel” is that Jesus died to save you from your individual sins. That’s it.7. The sign of a successful church is how many members attend.And now, to read everyone else’s comments and see all the things I should’ve thought of, but didn’t….

  24. JESUSFREAKOur religion is different than all the other onesWelcome to Gods HouseDon’t feel pressured to put anything in the offering plateGod has a wonderful plan for your lifeThe anti christ is starting to rise in the one world government We must protect Israel or God will take his hand of protection off the USWe need christian leaders in governmentGods Peace Greet eachother by name…

  25. 1) Jesus is the head of our church.2) The elders are the Spiritual leaders of our church.3) Making disciples means going to a small group (even if you don’t talk, pray, or only show up if you haven’t had a “crazy day”).4) Doing a Bible study is the same as building relationships.5) A church that honors excellence honors God (like flashy publications, good coffee, great sound system).6) If you feel led, you can start a ministry at our church. (You don’t have to wait for a staff member to set it up for you.)7) Worship.

  26. I need to correct number 5 on my list.It should state:5) The “Divine Order of God” is: God, Christ, Pastor, Husband, Wife, Child.Sorry.

  27. 1) We’re all equal2) Life is better on our side3) We have all the answers4) Therefore you have none of the answers5) We love everyone6) We love the sinner but hate the sin7) We’re happier, have more joy because we go to church

  28. Here’s mine:1) You cannot submit to God whom you cannot see, if you cannot submit to a man/men whom you can.2) God will not give you your ministry until you submit to another man’s ministry.3) The “five-fold” ministry is for a select few within the Body of Christ.4) The level of commitment to tithing equals the level of your commitment to Christ and His church.5) The “Divine Order” of God is God, Christ, Man, Woman, Child.6) You must be submitted to a group of men or organization in order to be “legitimate.”7) Only the clergy are considered “God’s anointed” and to challenge them is rebellion to God.

  29. Not LIES, per se, but SPIRITUAL SPIN — Oddly, that rhymes with sin… Gee, wasn’t this an open invitation to pull back a few scabs and pur salt in the wounds?!?! Anyway, here goes my list. 1. “NO ONE IS SAVED, BUT US.” There is only one true method of salvation, as taught by the Apostolic Faith of the Pentecostal Denomination (wing) of the Protestant Reformation. Therein is the only real “Truth”. The Baptists, Methodists, and Lutherans have gotten it slightly right, but partly wrong, and they all need to come into “the fullness” of the knowledge of Jesus. The Catholics, Buddhists, Atheists, Agnostics, etc. have gotten it ALL wrong. Anyone else not on the list has it all wrong too. 2. “Some parts of The Levitical Law must still be observed.”TITHES and OFFERINGS are the most important way to keep in good standing with God, vis-a-vis the Pastor. (Malachi 3:8, “Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings.”) So, if you do not tithe at least 10% AND give offerings on top of that, you are a robber and a thief, and therefore, a sinner before God. You will be removed from all church activities, though you are welcome to continue to attend and make payments until your debt is brought current. 3. “Some parts of The Levitical Law can be done away with.”(Leviticus 11:12, “Whatsoever hath no fins nor scales in the waters, that shall be an abomination unto you.”) But since the Law is done away with through Christ’s work on the Cross, we can now eat crab, shrimp, mussels, and other fin-less things from the ocean. But remember, the Law is still in place as it regards money. So under the Law, we must still tithe. See rule #2 if needed. 4. “You are not allowed to decide for yourself which part of The Law is to be observed or ignored.”That is the role of your local pastor/leadership. If you pastor says something is OK to do, even if contrary to Levitical Law, then its OK because he said so. He has the care and watch for your soul, and must answer to God. But if he says you must continue to observe certain aspects, again, he has the care and watch for your soul, so you obey or you are rebelling. 5. “Some sins are bigger than others.”Sexual sin, committed by church members is worthy of banishment from the fellowship; however, sexual sin committed by a church leader is: a) the fault of the congregation for not keeping the leadership lifted up in prayer; b) forgivable as the leader is under intense attack from the enemy; c) an understandable challenge the leader must overcome. Financial sin, committed by the church members (by not giving) will put them in danger of Hell fire; financial sin, committed by the leadership of the church (often by misappropriation) shall be called “none of your business”. 6. “God gives you free will, except when it comes to obeying the leadership.”To challenge or even question Church leadership is witchcraft.If you THINK the pastor is wrong, you are wrong to think he is wrong. If you SAY the pastor (or by extension, other leaders) is wrong, you are in REBELLION. (1 Samuel 15:23–For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.) 7. “God never puts more on you then you can bear…”I can not find this verse anywhere in the Bible! Despite thousands of pages of scripture as evidence of the “sometimes heavy hand of God”, people are told “He won’t put more on you than you can bear…” Ugh. Personally, I think God allows so much to be placed on you, until you break-especially if He has a great purpose for your life. Yup, He breaks you down, lets you get ground to almost nothing, so you have no other recourse but to look to Him for deliverance from your situation.

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