Please excuse this self-indulgent post to pay tribute to my Dad on his birthday. His birth name is William M. Chastain but all his friends knew him as Bill. My dad passed away in 1975 when I was 12 years old. He suffered a major heart-attack and never fully recovered.

The thing I remember most about my Dad was his gentle and loving affection to my mom and to us three kids. My brother, sister and I were never shorted when it came to Dad’s hugs and kisses. I am very fortunate for this since I know that in the 50’s and 60’s, fathers could sometimes be distant from their children. It was a time for “tough men” but I am so glad my Dad wasn’t one of them.

The other thing I loved about my Dad was his passion for people. He enjoyed being around people so much. He liked to make people laugh, he relished in telling story after story, and he never wanted to leave a place as long as there were more people there to talk to.

Finally, one more thing Dad enjoyed was teaching. He taught a Sunday school class at the church and would spend much of his time on Saturdays preparing for that class. It was an adult class and he would spend time creating flip charts (his version of Powerpoint) and writing everything out so he was ready to share the lesson and get people involved. I used to like watching him work so hard to make everything just “perfect” for his class.

My Dad wrote me a letter before he died. He had the foresight to share with me on paper his love for me so that I could remember it forever.

Well Dad, although you will have been gone 30 years in September, I just want to let you know that your impact on my life is not forgotten. I am hoping that I am able to fulfill your legacy of love through your grandsons (I wish you could’ve have met them). Many times I miss not having you to guide me through some of life’s challenges. I certainly could use your wisdom in my life now. But the things I learned from you in just twelve years were the foundation for a life that I hope, in the end, will be pleasing to you and to God. I love you Dad.

In Memory…..
b. August 12, 1927
d. September 25, 1975

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  1. Well done, Steve. “…so he was ready to share the lesson and get people involved.”Sounds like the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. I bet he’d have been one helluva blogger. Thanks for letting us know him just a little.Peace.

  2. My dad suffered a heart attack half a year ago, and before that had cancer twice. He’s alive but it does get scary when that ‘wake up call’ happens, especially when it repeates itself. It’s good you are writing about this because it’s a good way to deal with the passing of someone that important.

  3. Nice, Steve. Your dad sounds like a precious man. While I’m still trying to figure out what Heaven is all about, I’m sure your dad is loving every minute of it (if they even have minutes there… still working that one out)Thanks for sharing a part of yourself with the rest of us.< HREF="" REL="nofollow">demerging<>

  4. I find there are so many things to ponder properly on the blogs out there.Thank you for sharing about your own Dad.When I hear how others valued and loved their Dads for what they “gave” of themselves…it’s a precious thing…If I could turn time back for one thing, it would be to have had a father who had been able to emotionally share himself with me. Your Dad was special, and it’s good to honour him.

  5. Very cool tribute, man. I just lost my dad to cancer last year, I was lucky to have him for 47 years. I can’t imagine what my life would have been without him. I have a letter my dad wrote me when I was 16. I’m so glad he kept it. I found it in his personal stuff after he died. We take so much for granted. I am so glad he had the foresight to hang on to it all these years.Tonight I raise a cold one…for our dads.

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