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I have been told more than once in my life that if you haven’t got anything good to say, then don’t say anything at all. Something else I learned while taking speech class in school was this simple idea: It easy to talk for 30 minutes and say absolutely nothing, but what is difficult is to say something worthwhile in five. Both of these concepts seem to have been lost on most pastors in America.

Well, for me lately I haven’t had much to say. Actually I have been spending a lot of my “blog time” over on other sites, reading what my friends (and others) have been writing and thinking. They are saying things so much better than me right now. Certainly I have about four or five things I would love to write about, but they are works in progress. I am reading some new books, sorting through some personal things and, as always, trying to navigate my way through life and faith and relationships.

So, nothing new here to offer from me…and for that I apologize. Lately the best I can do is pass on some things I have seen or read and get your feedback. That in and of itself has been enlightening and it seems it has inspired some other conversations on other sites…which is always fun to be a part of.

With that said, let me suggest some blogs you should check out. These guys are throwing out some fresh stuff. Check it out! – What’s the Big Idea About Church? – Closer – Jesus/God

Oh, and this one just for fun… and I love this site and the way these ladies write….funny, funny, funny! Go to: Go Fug Yourself

11 thoughts on “Not Much to Say”

  1. Beneathrover~ your blog page is… well, definitely in competition with Josh’s for being the most updated. Especially that one you wrote about Fight Club and Brad Pitt… you know, that blog you wrote that one time… that was great. 🙂 (All in fun, all in fun…)

  2. it’s better to whisper something original than to shout something unoriginal… i wanted a better word than ‘unoriginal’… i’d use the word cliché but it’s just so cliché… oh well it doesn’t matter anyway…i’ve learned that to say nothing is often a good thing because no one really listens… most people are either waiting to respond or else they’re waiting to be able to not have to listen any longer…that’s how it is in my life anyhow… and i still rule, even when i’m not around!

  3. Thanks for the plug, Steve. Along the lines of ‘blogwriters’ block, I’d say just hang in there. What I tend to remind myself when I think I haven’t anything to say is that I might just be trying to force some abstract concept out through words that doesn’t take well to being written down.Rather, I write about what’s true to me. I write openly and honestly (or at least I try to do so.)And, keep in mind that coming up with a podcast weekly is no small task either. I’d imagine you’re doing a lot of reading just trying to stay one step ahead of the ‘blogosphere’ in that arena.Hang in there!

  4. Hey beneath, Here’s some better words…hackneyed, passé, old, stereotypical, timeworn, dull, overused, lifeless, trite, unimaginative, naff, derivative, copied, imitative, banal, uninspired, commonplace, trite, Just trying to help…

  5. i went to the FUG site and instead of a pic one girl had a pic of Joan Collins which means she is most likely fugly. i for one don’t understand someone who uses someone else’s pic to represent themself… oh, wait… i do this don’t i?

  6. Steve, you’re still the man! I’ve got total bloggers block. Why do you think I’m blogging about inclusivism & universalism on my site. Everyone else talks and I just sit there… eyes crossed, nodding my head, hoping that someone will notice that I may actually understand what’s going on at my own blog…looking forward to #20!!(btw- I was beavis, tammy faye & the benny… I get bored when I’m driving a lot so I call you guys 🙂

  7. No need to apologize.There is no shortage of bloggers who, having said what they came to say, feel obligated (and now qualified) to keep talking (and talking, and talking…).I much prefer “rare but real” to “frequent and fruitless.”Peace

  8. and hey, Steve, you have a lot to say, and say a lot, and are the main juice of this site… it’s your partner-in-blog, the “Squiggy” of SCP.COM, who doesn’t say much… he’s had the same ‘to all dorks’ blog up since before the War of 1812…!Get him goin’ and workin’ or I’m takin’ over forthright!

  9. i can only speak for myself but i have appreciated your insight and comments that you’ve been posting on everyone elses blogs 🙂eddie

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