SCP Sighting #2

After all the heavy stuff we have been talking about lately on the site, I thought I would pass this along. I saw this lady in her Jaguar driving down the road the other day and risked my life to chase her down and take this picture. Yes, I did take it while driving in my BMW, but at least I don’t have the bumper sticker.

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  1. And Jessica Hahn is a bad thing how? LOL Besides Steve and Josh have each other, they have no interest in women. Just kidding!!!

  2. Ninjanun,I was talking about an event I see happening in the future, this being the outlawing of Christianity. I do happen to believe in a pre-Trib rapture. From your response I can tell that you disagree with that position.At least we both agree that there will be a rapture. Or do we? What tends to mess people up is the timing of the rapture, will it happen before, during or after the tribulation period. Personally, I feel that Jesus would want to spare His followers the pain and suffering that the tribulation period is going to deliver, but hey that’s just me. The tribulation period could be a test of our faith, to find out how comitted we really are. But why would God inflict His judgement on people who have made the choice to escape His judgement? I’m sure there’s a better way of expressing that thought, but it’s late and I’m getting tired. But I think you get my meaning.I hate to get all serious like this, but I just wanted everyone to know what I’m thinking.YBIC,Zecryphon

  3. Ahhh yes, the Springs. I was there…and quite honestly it was the birthplace of SCP (although not in its current form) but I can trace the roots back to that place and time. Stick around long enough and you’ll eventually hear about it.My favorite bumper sticker from that time (circa 1992) with the arrival and establishment of Focus on the Family in the area was this:FOCUS ON YOUR OWN DAMN FAMILYThanks Allison for taking me down memory lane.

  4. Ahhh, memory lane…yes, I remember when there used to be a weekly podcast at SCP. Now they spend the days polishing their “demmys.”Those were the days…(Seriously, I’m jonesin’ for some ‘cast, boys.)

  5. I think it is interesting that some things can be funny and serious at the same time, like the bumper sticker. That’s what I like about the SCP podcast.Up here in Canada homosexual marriage is now legal. I fully anticipate that Bible preaching churches will be treated as hate groups if they speak out against homosexual sex (notice I didn’t say homosexuals). I would naturally conclude that all tax deductions for donations to such churches would also be removed as well.And here is the kicker, for me anyway, I work with two gay guys at work and they treat me with more respect and kindness than 90% of the people in the church I attend (including some of the elders). Now that is NOT funny but a common reality that you don’t have to be a Christian to be a decent human being (not saved but decent). Sadly some of the nastiest people I’ve had the displeasure to meet are vocal in their claim to be servants of Christ.Regarding Jesus rapturing me from the “evil” heathens or hard times or persecution, I sometimes I wish he’d rapture me from his followers!

  6. I don’t believe in the “rapture” in the sense you do, Zecryphon. Pre- or Post-trib. I used to, but I don’t anymore.and Darryl, you make a very good point.The problem I have with the “rapture” as it’s often meant is much the same as the point you presented, Darryl; mainly, that it’s to spare Christians from pain and suffering. I think this goes against a lot of what scripture teaches about pain and suffering.And besides, Christianity is already outlawed in several countries. China, for instance. The underground christians in that country are going through terrible persecutions at the moment, and have been for quite some time.I think a pre- and post-trib rapture is not composed solely from a good interpretation of Revelation, but of several snippets of verses here and there found throughout the old and new testament. I’m not saying that’s bad, just that the methods for doing so and the certain interpretations that have to be applied to those scriptures in order for the rapture to “work” are on shaky ground. It’s definitely one of those things we should be careful about espousing with as much certainty as we espouse the essentials of the faith.

  7. I cannot believe you would take the hard-earned offerings of the SCP faithful, and buy a BMW!!What’s next… Jessica Hahn?!?🙂

  8. I’m sure Steve wishes his BMW and his fancy bank account could be raptured with him…Man! I’m going back to the sucky free podcasts… This is getting too expensive.

  9. You know, I think that bumper sticker would be a little less tragic on the back of a rusted out Chevy Caprice or Geo Metro or something.Honestly, I’m taken aback by the blatant ignorance and ‘jackassery’ of putting such a sticker on the back of your Jag.Whatever.

  10. Well hopefully when Christianity does become illegal, the rapture already would have happened. Check out the ACLJ, if you wanna keep Christianity legal.

  11. Wow! This WAS a pretty fun topic until the anti-dispensationalists showed up 😉I like the Jaguar. I hope it doesn’t get wrecked too badly when I get ‘caught up’ to meet the Lord in the air…I’d write more, but I just heard that Tim LaHaye released another Left Behind pre-quel– gotta get to the Christian bookstore!!!

  12. Heh, heh, heh…I just saw that same one on a Mercedes E-series. Talk about someone who doesn’t get the joke! At the time, I WISHED that I’d had my camera with me.But of course, I live in Colorado Springs, the headquarters of many, many SCP.< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Allison<>

  13. <>“What’s the big deal, for goodness sake?… What am I supposed to do, drive a Honda? … That’s not in the Bible. … I’m sick and tired about hearing about streets of gold [in heaven]. I don’t need gold in heaven. I got to have it now.”<>-Benny Hinn

  14. Do you really wanna go off on an “is the rapture real” debate? This thread was started to be fun and lighten the mood around here, since the previous blog entries got so serious.I believe the rapture will happen. But hey, that’s just me. Call me crazy. But am I any more crazy than people who say the prophecies laid out in Revelation have already been fulfilled?And any time you wanna send me some of those resources you were talking about previously, my email is princeprozac@cox.netZ

  15. i do hear you, that stuff is corny as heck, but, in this day and age, as our faith is being destroyed by the media and those who run the media, sometimes people get a little overdone about their faith, which, in a few years, will be illegal anyways, because the bible mentions that homosexuality is forbidden… you’ll see Steve, one day, no one will have these dumb bumperstickers… they’ll have to have rainbows instead… rainbows, ha… now THAT’S a lame thing, taking God’s sign to never flood the earth and handing it over to homosexuals… i’m telling you all, and you must believe me — being ‘intolerant’ of homosexuality will to Christians will be what tax evasion was to Al Capone… the END of him… which is why i think those dumb bumperstickers are RIGHT ON… after all, there’s no STUPID GREEN PEACE PEOPLE sites out there by those who are part of the GREEN party… i know, i go on and on like a broken record about liberals, but, after all, their plan is to rid of us all, those corny of us, and those self effasing as well…

  16. Very, very funny!! I wonder what the driver of the Jag was thinking when she placed that sticker on her car … Anyway, good chase Steve. It was worth it.<>“Personally, I feel that Jesus would want to spare His followers the pain and suffering that the tribulation period is going to deliver, but hey that’s just me.”<>There’s just one problem with this – it assumes that the only country God is interested in is the mighty US of A. Right now in various countrys around the world followers of Christ are enduring pain and suffering because of their faith … they <>are<> experiencing “tribulation”. Honestly, it might be hard for guys like you and me to understand but people are being tribulationed (yeah, that’s just a cool word that I made up – you can use it if you wanna), and if they heard a comment like the one above they’d probably think you were nuts. Anyway, that’s just where I’m at right now. But then I’m probably nutty in the head as well, so don’t pay too much attention to me.Thanks for listening.Darryl

  17. OK…the BMW is an inside reference. I received a little flack when we posted our < HREF="" REL="nofollow"> Road Trip <> photos because in it are pictures of me behind the steering wheel of my BMW. So I thought I would head off that crowd who wanted to “get on” me (so to speak) for spoofing a woman driving a Jaquar when I owned a BMW. I thought drawing attention to the obvious irony might actually be funny….but as most things, some people get it and some people don’t.What’s the matter with you people can’t you read my mind yet?Rover…FYI…the rainbow is so passe, the in thing now for those terrible, hell-bound homos is the “equal sign”. (For those that can’t read my mind, the above comment was sarcasm for my friend Rover). Lance…you betcha I am and he’s my bitch…. 🙂 (Sorry Josh, I had too, it was too easy).Jeff…the banking account of SCP is sooooo flush with cash we don’t know what to do with it all. And no I have no interest in Jessica Hahn. What is she, like 55 or 60 now…geesh….what do you think I am….desperate. But have you seen Gene Scott’s wife (may he rest in peace)…mmmmmmm…former playboy model now working for the Lord….and now she’s single….YES!

  18. Zecryphon said,<> Do you really wanna go off on an “is the rapture real” debate?<>er, no. It’s just that you tend to mention it so randomly, like say, in the middle of a lighthearted post about a bumper sticker…and your attitude (correct me if I’m wrong) seems to be, “I can’t wait until God raptures me outta here, so I don’t have to put up with all this pain and suffering and crap.”It reminds me of how I used to be in high school, when I wished the rapture would happen so I didn’t have to take a big test.Oh, and thanks for providing your e-mail. As soon as my hotmail is working again, I’ll look into some resources for you to check out.

  19. Oh and guys, I’m going through SCP podcast withdrawl. I need a podcast man!!! Hook me up. I just, need it, ya know. Don’t know how much longer I can wait…

  20. Zecryphon, you talk of “The Rapture” as if it’s the gospel truth.It’s actually just one, ONE theory. And it’s a theory that has only been widely accepted in the Christian community in the last hundred years or so.1st century Christians would look at you funny if you told them it was all goin’ down the way Pre-millinial dispensationalists said it would.

  21. i think pride in a religion that is hated by the mainstream media is RIGHT ON.i think pride in a religion that is being made illegal as we speak is RIGHT ON.keep up the good work, bumpersticker people… BECAUSE NO ONE IS TOO COOL TO BE A CHRISTIAN!

  22. Steve said:“the banking account of SCP is sooooo flush with cash we don’t know what to do with it all.”Well are your emergent membership dues all paid up? I’m sure the Friends of the Emergent church could always use a hand-out, er, um I mean a donation.Zecryphon

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