SCP Simulcast – Show #23

Well, here it is, the first ever SCP Simulcast.

The idea was to put up the video cameras and roll the tape and see what happened. We thought it might be fun to bring the magic and mystery of SCP into your hard drives for you to not only listen to, but now see and enjoy.

The video version of the podcast is different then the audio version, so you get a different flavor from each one.

If you like it, will do it again. If not, we will probably still do it again…cause we are just that way.

25 thoughts on “SCP Simulcast – Show #23”

  1. I’m loving the beer cam. It’s so amusing when it cuts to Josh with the bottle in the foreground. Then there’s two! That’s so funny. I’m jealous that you guys get to drink during your show.I’m sitting in a hotel room in Ft. Wayne and I’ve decided that this is much better than the Jackie Chan movie on HBO.Mmmmm. Lesbians.I’m laughing my ass off. Holy crap, the black and white slow-mo penis touch on the beer cam is killing me. You guys are geniuses.e.

  2. Dorse, just imagine what it’s like having a 300 lb man-chick in a miniskirt tell you you are a “fine looking fella.”Hot damn, that’s funny…πŸ˜€

  3. I thought Vegemite was a British thing, like Marmite. Wait, didn’t England at one time own Australia. Ah, who knows? I’m probably confused again. Where’s my Bushmills, dammitus!YBIC,Zecryphon

  4. The best part of that evening was putting the miniature Snickers bars in my tits, and then quickly slamming my arms down at my sides. You haven’t had a Snickers ’til you’ve had one that’s been titty-shot from 30 feet.

  5. Hey Lance, We live in the post-modern age. We don’t wear lapel-mics anymore. We wear those fancy, flesh-toned wireless, over-the-ear mics.And I think Steve would look great in one. Nice suggestion. πŸ™‚I used to do voiceover work for about 7 or 8 years. They always called headphnes ‘cans’. I always thought it was nerdy radio-geeks trying to sound cool or something.Oh well, i guess its time to kick back with some Fosters, a vegimite sandwich and my Men At Work CD… maybe later, a few shrimp on the baaaaa-bie???

  6. It just looks cool I guess…Josh tells me I have to and so I listen to him. I am his bitch you know.You mean we don’t have to wear them? Josh, what’s the deal? You have some ‘splaining to do!

  7. I have one question.I work in radio and I am mystified by this.Why are you both wearing friggin’ headphones when you’re both in the same room and you’re not talking talkback callers and you’re not playing any other audio, which would be the only possible reason you would wear headphones.Are the headphones actually plugged into anything, or was this just for ‘the look’?Lance.

  8. Nice video. It’s cool just to actually see you guys interacting on screen, but in the future i think i’ll prefer the audio only unless you’ll be doing more than sitting around (some strip clubs would be nice).But i love you guys! You rock! It’s too bad i’m not a christian anymore (i used to be a youth minister a few years ago) because i think you’d really motivate me.BTW, have you heard about the < HREF="" REL="nofollow">new 100-Minute Bible<>. It’s for all of us with ADD who could never read the bible in one sitting.

  9. <>The best part of that evening was putting the miniature Snickers bars in my tits, and then quickly slamming my arms down at my sides. You haven’t had a Snickers ’til you’ve had one that’s been titty-shot from 30 feet.<>Dorse, how sorry I am I missed it…

  10. My profile picture was drawn by my daughter. You want me to go tell her you think it’s crap? Heartless bastard.Oh, Steve and Josh: love you guys. Think I’ll stick to the audio, though I did find myself hankering for a Negra Modela.

  11. Well, I can see a reason …maybe…for Josh to wear headphones, so each of their voice levels are roughly the same, and one isn’t drowning out the other (not anybody I can think course) or distorting……but for the life of me, Steve having to wear headphones is one of life’s great mysteries.And I think Steve would operate more naturally if he dropped back into pastor-mode; man with microphone, or maybe if they were being really adventurous, one of those tie clip radio mikes, and Steve could wander around the house during the show…looking like an important pastor with a damn service to run…constantly blowing into his tie..saying ‘is this on?…is this on now?’And maybe it’s an Aussie thing, but I’ve never in 20 years, heard anyone at work refer to them as ‘cans’. We’ve always just called them headphones.I think if someone at work called them ‘cans’ we’d laugh at them.

  12. Um… I don’t pretend to be a radio expert like Lance, but if you want to hear your voice in the mic (to gauge proximity/volume/tone…etc), without headphones, there would be a little thing I learned about in college (I think it was Radio Production 101)… it’s called feedback, i think…(i use the three dots way too much… btw- I’m just busting on you Lance… its all in fun…)later…

  13. oh, and steve, if you really ant to be podcast/radio-shic, refer to your headphones as ‘my cans’. That’s cool. (& it also opens Josh up for a lot of ‘cans’ jokes πŸ™‚

  14. I haven’t been around the last couple of days, but I must say, Zeke, I was shocked to click on my brother’s profile-pic to see that it’s actually him dressed up like that!!I thought he’d been spending too much time on again…Yeah… I hope I’m adopted!

  15. So I am confused now… as a man, should my titties stick out further than my belly….even if I am dressed as a woman…OK, I can see this conversation quickly deteriorating from here, but what the heck!

  16. I personally love this show in video. I think when we’re listening to the podcast, we as listeners miss alot of your shenanigans, now we get to see ’em!We also get to see how “gay” you two obviously are for each other. (this is an attempt at humour), don’t be hatin’ me.Keep up the great work and I’ll keep listening.I’m tempted to put my two cents in about the lesbian’s daughter getting kicked out of school, but I’ll keep this lighthearted…for now mwuah ha ha ha ha.YBIC,Zecryphon

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