SCP Challenge #1: Costume Contest

This just in, Dorsey from Head-First has offered himself as a living sacrifice to SCP for our amusement and pleasure. Well, if you can call it that. Here is Dorsey in Drag. Dorsey is our “official” mascot of the SCP Challenge #1: Costume Contest. Read below for all the details and don’t forget, there is a prize for the winner!!

Here are Dorsey’s comments regarding this now infamous moment in his life: It was taken at a “harvest-party” (for Christian Satan-worshippers afraid to celebrate Halloween) at my kids’ Christian school (so it was almost a church event). I actually got hit on a couple times that night. I also received the award for “most humorous costume” (which, incidentally, came with Philadelphia Flyers tickets—box seats, even!).

Congrats Dorsey on the tickets. And congrats on those cute little “rosey cheeks” of yours.

CONTEST ALERT!! This gave me an idea. Being the Halloween season, maybe everyone should send us pictures of themselves or spouses/partners in their favorite, most embarrassing, hilarious (or for the ladies, your most revealing and sexy, mmmmmm) Halloween costumes and we will post them on the site and then vote for the winner. Who knows, maybe we will even have a prize for the winner (but it ain’t gonna be something as cool as sports tickets). How about $10 in iTunes money for the winner!!!

Did you hear that, the person that receives the most votes for the picture they submit will receive $10 in iTunes dollars. It can be a costume from the past, or one you plan on wearing this year. But it has to be YOU or your significant other…no kids please (you know the whole, must be over 18 to enter thing).

Send your pics to for your chance to win. Entries must be received by midnight Saturday, October 22.Voting will begin October 24 and last until midnight October 29. The winner will be revealed on Monday morning, October 31st.

Have fun and good luck!

24 thoughts on “SCP Challenge #1: Costume Contest”

  1. Ain’t it the truth, Zeke. We have laughed and laughed at that pic. My kids are freaking out that this is their ‘Uncle Dorse’…——————————-hey, if anyone is interested, I did a podcast. It’s not very good. But if you wanna hear it anyway, check out my site.(Oh no… have I become a blog-spammer?? sorry)

  2. No Dorsey… you are in the contest. But it might not be fair…. cuz this pic will be hard to beat. You hear that everyone you better step it up to beat Dorsey….

  3. For my part, we played a gag on a friend who was coming over to our house. He had never visited but had kind of heard about me as a father figure type for the girls who were living with us. We decided to mess with his head and make me all geeked out. I tucked my tshirt in my shorts, pulled them all the way up to the bottom of my boobs, put on dark socks and tennis shoes, and slicked my hair back.I do believe my wife took a picture. I’ll see what I can do. I’ll send a normal one too, Steve.

  4. Hey, wait a minute…Am I in this contest, too, or am I just the eye-candy here?‘Cause I’m not that kind of girl…

  5. For the record, I doubt I could <>ever<> compete with Dorse in the sexy category. Just. Damn.Like I said, that picture is the gift that keeps on giving.

  6. Well… only two entries… oh wait, 3 if I count Zeke sending me his picture without the costume…although very sexy Zeke, not sure if it can beat Dorsey.All right looks like this will be the easiest $10 one of these guys has ever pulled down…so everyone out there better get crackin… only 5 more days to enter.

  7. Crap. I have a great pic of me dressed up as Josie from Josie and the Pussycats, but now I can’t find it.I’ll keep looking…

  8. Dorse, Nun’s married. You dawg.Nun, send me a high-res version I can blow up to life size and put in my living room. Mrs. Zeke knows my weakness for the petite poetess type, so she’ll cut me some slack. Promise.

  9. Oh, just give the prize to Dorsey already. It’s really silly for any of us to think we can compete with a guy in a ballerina fat suit. 🙂Steve, let Josh participate and win the $10. He’s bein’ such a little bitch about it, he obviously needs it more than any of us do. 🙂Smilies have been invoked therefore you can’t take any of this post seriously… well I guess you could, I can’t go around telling people what to do LOL

  10. We have our first entry…. the gauntlet has been thrown down. A vintage pic from 1998. Very nice and quite frightening.We are looking for scary, funny, crazy (and for the ladies, if you dare, sexy!)Let’s go folks only 9 more days to go. Better get those old photo albums out or take some new ones.This could be good.

  11. Zeke, next time you do that you need to be wearing sandals over those black socks. I see it all the time here in AZ, with all the snowbirds who should be arriving any day now, ugh. Go back to Boca you biddies!!!

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