21 Questions: Josh Style

Josh felt the need to “one-up” Steve by posting a “21 Questions” on his own blog.

Make sure you check it out and chime in over there! But don’t ask him anything too hard, you know he is just the “goofy guy”.

Seriously though, go on over there and ask away. You might actually learn that Josh has a very sensitive and caring side to him… but then again, maybe not!

3 thoughts on “21 Questions: Josh Style”

  1. some kim kethardum that’s the song i sang when I was twentyone plus all the other years that don’t add up to much but a prick, on my tender wasted life, it will be gone soon enough, don’t worry. Kurry is a tasty treat at night when the nights light is shining upon all of us little children wishin they weren’t 10 but an age closs to that, when worries weren’t so close to my heart and further away then the schools dance. prance around and tell me I’m pretty. tell everyone I made it! I’m a complete failer fair and square didn’t need any help I did it all by myself. thank you….thank you. I’d like to that my mom and dad for that matter, my life splatered on the widshield of time for everyone to look at and think my god how discusting, at least I’m driving.

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