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  1. (I couldn’t post my comment at BadChristians Blog, so I am leaveing it here)WOW! That was a Great post, and even better comments. I’m sorry I can’t type, so I am having a hard time making myself understood. I understand where Steve is comeing from, but I have not been in a Church like he has. I have been in Cults. I don’t want to get into a cult again, and this is another reason I come down a bit hard with my Questions. Plus I do have a problem with the xxxhumor. I would like SCP to have a posted Mission statement.I have Great Hope in Steve and Josh.They have giveing me some time to think about somethings, and I have come up with some really Good ideas. I hope to talk over them with him someday. I have not given up on SCP as of now. Kyle’s comment I could relate to the most.

  2. I don’t think SCP has a mission, other than to point out all the stupid church people around us and laugh at them (this includes the hosts of SCP too).Steve has said many times that he is still an SCP. I think a mission statement would be viewed as a contradiction of what they believe, since things like mission statements are one of the things about “the church” they probably don’t like. It’s my opinion when you have a mission statement you’re putting yourself in the mindset of “Here’s what we want to accomplish, here’s how we’re going to do it, and if you’re not on board with us, there’s the door!” This is a slight exaggeration but not by much. Churches tend to care more about things like mission statements than they do people.I don’t think they need one to have people promote this site. I tell people on other blogs to check out http://www.stupidchurchpeople.com all the time, and I don’t tell them to say “tell ’em Zecryphon sent ya”. I just get the word out that these guys are refreshing, know what they’re talking about, and while the show may not be for everyone, it is entertaining and informative.Keep up the great work guys!

  3. I’m not asking for a disclaimer, I think a mission state ment would help people understand better as to what the long range goals of SCP are. If you want others to premote SCP or just stand behind it, I just seems important to me. This seems to be different than many other blogs I have ivited, like you have a mission. Maybe SCP is not sure of what that is yet, thats ok. I don’t have a profile yet, I don’t think it can be all summed up on a page. Maybe you feel the same.

  4. I’d just like to publicly soften the term dissent. Perhaps, critique would be a better word. I think I understand where you guys were coming from–especially helped along by Steve’s comment at my place–and I understand how you feel.I wonder if maybe some of people’s feelings on this issue of ‘church liturgy’ aren’t greatly informed by thier unique ‘church vantage points’.Once again, I love the show, love the blogs, love Josh, and a <>really<> man-love Steve. I’m incredibly greatful that you shared and continue to share your thoughts…they help me to grow. By offering dissent, I hope I can do the same.Argh…such a culture we live in where dissent is such a cause for disclaimer.I’ll shut up now.

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