Salvation Challenge

Chad over at Mr. Preacher has been posting some really good stuff lately. You should go there and check him out.

The most humorous recently was a link to the Glory of God Games website and a video introduction of their new game called , Salvation Challenge.

Here, I will let Chad describe it:

“So”, you ask, “how does one play this amazing new game?” Well, it’s simple really. You start at the cross (how spiritual of them) and you and your friends roll the die until you reach Cavalry, where you–and this is truly the best part–slap a red sticker on your head and shout, “Jesus saved me!” then go directly to the river Jordan to be baptized.

But, that’s just where the “fun” begins. The object of the game is not to gain the most money, like in some board games, but to give a million dollars away to Missionary causes. The first person to do this wins the game!

Seriously, go watch this video and prepare to be amazed as a grown man places a red sticker on his forward and screams “Jesus Save Me” in front of the church leaders assembled to watch…or maybe gawk is a better word.

And I present now for your entertainment, “Stupid Church People” in action! Please enjoy.

Thanks again Chad.

5 thoughts on “Salvation Challenge”

  1. You know, I really wanna ridicule this, but I watched the video and the guy seems <>so<> sincere…It’s just kind of embarassing. I mean, who would play that game but SCP? This is the kind of game SCP would make their kids play, and later the kids will hate them for it.

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