F-WORD: Right or Wrong?

Not wanting to hog space from the Halloween contest, but still wanting everyone to know there there is a nice little discussion going on regarding the F-Word over on my personal blog. Check out the comments!

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9 thoughts on “F-WORD: Right or Wrong?”

  1. <>( sorry I can’t leave a comment on the other site, so I will leave it here )<>Are you kidding me? You left your comment about 4 times on the other site.

  2. ( sorry I can’t leave a comment on the other site, so I will leave it here )I find that I am on the same page as Jade.Does anyone here really know the history on the word FUCK ?How about the meaning of the words DAMN IT? The thing is, we need to think about what we are saying. These are powerful words that with over use have become deluded. Are we deluding ourselves to think that it is no longer wrong to use them?My Mother over heard one of us kid say that we HATED the other. She told us not to use the word HATE. Hate is a powerful word that can bring about feelings of hate. Does the word fuck also bring about feelings of hate, yes, more then it brings up images of sex. Is this loving our neighbor? NOSo we use these words to be funny, have we lost our imagination? It is not funny, it is a cheap laugh at best. It is so funny now days to see little kids swear. (like South Park) What happened to honor you mother and father? We are a country that is teaching our kids that it is totally cool and funny to be disrespectful. When I hit my finger with a hammer, would it not be better to yell out “Ouch, that hurts!” rather that than the f-word. What if I just yelled out my Lords name in anger as some one backs into my car. Is that a sin? yes and if we know better we should repent. What concerns me is that we are saying that sin is not sin, there fore know need to repent. We are all justified because we don’t want to behave like Legalist? There has got to be a healthy balance. As far as the church goes, the Shepard has been struck and we as the sheep are still scattered. What do these sheep need (not want) they want to feel good about our sinful nature. That’s not good. We need to be fed, we need to be guided to live right, we need to understand what is sinful so don’t knead that into our lives. We need to be reminded the Jesus is our shepard not anyone else. We need to be encouraged to become better witnesses in all parts of our lives.

  3. Well, that’s bouncing around way too much, so I’m gonna just ignore it and say BRING ON “CUSSFEST 2K5 STRIKES BACK!”…though I’m aware the podcast is on hiatus for myriad reasons, whenever you get back to it…

  4. Really now, what is it that the F-word means? It means happy, sad, mad, angry, lusty, hating…who knows. It means everything and it means nothing. I don’t use the F-word. And if you have ever heard someone that uses it TOO much, after a while it really does get hard to hear, what is trying to be said. When Josh uses the F-word over and over again… well what does that mean? I look at it and think, OK he is the funny guy, and move on. Then I think about it later and think, maybe he’s like super mad at me. Than later I start getting real mad, I don’t know why. It might be all the F-word’s set me off. That’s bad, I should be a better person, get over it. And choose to not let it offend me.Maybe it’s just me. But, I don’t even like to say “oh my goahs” or “Geez” or “Jees”. All it’s just watered down. Watered down Blasphemy. I am not perfect or hope to be. But by the grace of God, I get by.And the Scripture that Jade quoted are some of the reasons why.

  5. Regarding the F-bomb, I believe people can and do CHOOSE to be offended by it. The reason people find the word disagreeable is because people agree that it is naughty. Phonetically speaking, it does have a harsher ring to is, as does “piss” over “pee,” for example. But on those grounds, i think “crap” has a harsher phonetic ring than “shit” does. So on those grounds its silly to get offended by the f word, even taking into account the etimology of it, or the (loose) definition of it. However if people (and most do) choose to get offended by the f word, then i feel it is respectful to not drop it flagrantly in public. In writing it is different because people can choose not to read any further but in spoken language they’re hooped. Sometimes i find it to be an effective descriptor. For example, there is a big difference between “making love to” and “FUcking.” (Making love to = person he/she cares much about and physical interaction is expression of deep longing, v.s. Fucking = one-night carnal drunken monkey sex).enough of this, you get the point. and obviously by my blog site, i use the word, perhaps excessively. Always justified in my mind however, as f-bomb concentration in blogs is directly proportional to my anger level towards of discussion topic. cold fucking 45

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