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It was a close race, but our first annual (and maybe last) Halloween Costume Contest winner is Dorsey. It started out as a landslide but NinjaNun picked up speed at the end. However, the votes were split between her two entries which created a win for Dorsey’s picture in his beautiful attire. I am sending a $10 iTunes card to Dorsey this week. Congrats.

With only eight votes, it gives me pause to consider if anyone even stops by the site. It takes me back to those Youth Ministry days when I would work hard to plan an event and three kids would show up. My ego is shattered… flattened… I am worthless. What am I here for? What is my purpose? Does anyone even care that we have the SCP site…. I think we should just quit. If no one is going to pay attention, then why do anything at all. Josh and I haven’t done a podcast in over a week, but no one misses it. So why go to all the effort if no one is really listening. (Geesh I wish Pastors would ask themselves that question more often… but I digress.)

If I say Pastors should resign, that’ll get ’em to respond. So that’s it, be controversial. Next thing I am gonna do is say that homosexuality isn’t a sin… oh… wait… NinjaNun already did that on her site. I know, I will say abortion is actually good for the country since it lowers the crime rate…. damn, William Bennett beat me to it.

I got it. How about I say that George Bush invaded Iraq because God told him too and it really didn’t matter that they didn’t have WMD’s… he just had a hard on to take out Saddam and he was bound and determined to gain acceptance and approval from his Daddy. No can’t say that… that might be too close to the truth and no one would comment except for the extreme right-wingers in the crowd. Most of us deep down believe that anyway so it probably isn’t controversial enough.

Alright. Well I guess I am left doing this because I like to. Who cares if anyone is listening or reading…. I will write what I want to write. I will say what I want to say. And if only eight people give a damn…then that’s just fine by me.

Anyway, congratulatons Dorsey. You are now officially a member of the SCP Hall-of-Fame.

31 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Contest”

  1. The SCP Hall-of-Fame [/sigh]“Dorse, you’re going to Cooperstown!”A dream fulfilled. A prayer answered. A hope restored.Sincere thanks to my opponents for running clean campaigns (well, mostly [cough]ninjanun[cough]fatguyinadress[/cough]). Zecryphon, you have a great future appearing at “Buffy” conventions. Please don’t hurt me.Now I’m open to suggestions as to how to spend my iTunes money in the most meaningful and relevant way possible.I’M THE KING, er…QUEEN OF THE WORLD!!!!!

  2. <>But how do you say, “I’m losing to a guy wearing a dress that makes him look fat?” while totally disregarding the fact that it’s turning into a whacked-out beauty contest in which i’m losing to a GUY! In a DRESS! That makes him look FAT!<>All I can say is Nun, one red bikini changes all that. That’s all I’m saying, is all.

  3. Josh and Steve,We care! We definitely care, and we love to listen to you two, especially when you rant. If you could get yourself up on itunes, i think you’d be able to get many more people. Keep up the good work, and don’t let the scarcity of blog comments get ya down.Rob

  4. I really doubt that exposing my pasty white underbelly to the scrutiny of the internets would be worth $10 of itunes.Plus, I doubt it would help me win.< /don't even own a red bikini>< /freakin' annoyed that this is turning into some twisted beauty contest in which I'm losing to a fat guy in a dress>

  5. These are some of my favorite people in this contest, but… Dorse, what do you plan on spending the $10 on?Now, if the Nun had sent in a picture of her in a red bikini parachuting out of an airplane, the game would be afoot.

  6. i’m rubber, you’re glue. whatever you say bounces off of me… aw, never mind.that was cold, zeke. i think i’m gonna quit blogging again.––––––okay, i’m back…

  7. I didn’t mean YOU were fat, but you’re wearing a fat dress. That dress definitely makes your butt look big. 🙂But how do you say, “I’m losing to a guy wearing a dress that makes him look fat?” while totally disregarding the fact that it’s turning into a whacked-out beauty contest in which i’m losing to a GUY! In a DRESS! That makes him look FAT!

  8. I’m gonna go with Josie Ninjanun on this one.…speaking of which, that name is intriniscally amusing. You ever consider running around in a habit holding a little plastic katana?…for Halloween, I mean. Though what you do with the Pete is your business.and Jeff, you’ve damaged my brain in ways you can’t even fathom….

  9. Congratulations Dorsey!Steve, I love the podcast and the site. If Josh doesn’t want to do it, so be it. We all know what SCP really stands for anwyay! LOL I say keep plugging away at it. It makes me happy, and I’m sure when Josh drinks himself through his current state of “whatever-ness”, he’ll be back. Keep SCP alive. Do I need to start a petition?Zecryphon

  10. I didn’t feel it was appropriate to vote, seeing as how I was part of the contest.And thanks for taking down the “non-winning” (read: loser) pictures; I kept getting insinuations from random guys that they’d like to see me in a red bikini (ahem!).Anyway, congrats, Dorsey, and even if you don’t buy any of From Here To There’s music on iTunes, can you at least do me the favor of seeing if our music even got listed? I don’t have an account, and no one’s bothered to check on this for me yet.

  11. NinjaNun… it’s not too late. Send in the requested pic and I will post it (you can even minus the “jumping out of a plane” scenario)….we can change the tide.🙂

  12. Geez… I spent my whole life watching dorsey dress up like a fairy princess ballerina.my vote is for josie the pussycat.

  13. Sorry, that was me. The previous post may have been offensive to those of the Lutheran persuasion. Here is the nice version. If I may quote Drew Domkus of the Dawn and Drew Show “Enjoy!”Ninjanun said:“freakin’ annoyed that this is turning into some twisted beauty contest in which I’m losing to a fat guy in a dress”Hey! How do you think I feel? You think that makeup just applies itself?!?!?! There’s foundation under that! There’s layers upon layers there!!!Oh crap, I think I just turned into a gay. This condition will be further aggravated by me voting for Josh and his penis costume. Can I do that? Dammitus, I can feel myself getting more gay by the minute! Quick dunk me in the name of Jesus!!! It’s the only way! Unite fellow SCP’s!!! I need hhhhheeeeelllllpppp.🙂

  14. Well I do have dreams of attending ComiCon, but that was more for Star Wars than anything else.Hmm… Buffy conventions? I’ll do it! But only if Buffy herself is there, she’s such a hottie.Zecryphon

  15. Awwww. I wish I’d known about this earlier. I would have entered as Isaiah. I would have just had to take all my clothes off and grow a beard. Easy win.

  16. Ninjanun:I went to iTunes and looked for you as well. And yup! There’s a bunch of songs listed.Dorsey:You can’t see it in the picture but I do have a baseball bat in my right hand. Now what can I do with this? Hmmm… How do you feel about becoming a human popsicle? LMAO Just kidding. No hard feelings? It’s all in good fun. Not necessarily clean fun though. 🙂Zecryphon

  17. It’s close, and I appreciate all for different reasons. But in the end, the seductive expression on Dorsey’s face, when combined with his “royal blue coconut-teets”, make for an undeniable winner.

  18. Heh heh, I can’t help but think that we were all a little worried about Josh (well, I was, anyway) but more or less understood that he probably wanted to work through things on his own (e.g., not with us). It’s nice to see you’re still around, though, Josh.Incidentally, I can’t help but think that this is also why nothing was mentioned about the missing podcast, ‘cuz there were bigger issues afoot this past week. Just as well; the SCP we picked up on Steve’s blog kept everyone busy. :snicker:Finally, might I suggest that only eight people voted ‘cuz getting a blogger account’s a pain in the ass? (well, was for me, kept glitching out).

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