SCP Taco Tuesday – Nov. 29th

Well the first SCP Taco Tuesday was a roaring success. Define success you say? Well, I was there, Josh was there and Zeke and Mrs. Zeke were there. Then, Brandon emailed Josh and I are on our BlackBerry’s during dinner, so we felt his love. Then, if that wasn’t enough, Dorsey called my cell phone which we promptly put on speaker and he got to hang out with us for awhile. All of this equals success. I can’t tell you how cool it was to meet up and sit around with these people swapping the stories of our lives.

So we’re gonna do it all over again on Tuesday, November 29th at 6:30 p.m. at the same place, Tortilla Flats on Lake Mission Viejo in Southern California. This gets us a slot after Thanksgiving and before the Christmas parties get started. It should be the perfect time and everyone that can get here is invited. If you want to bring someone, even if they have never been to the site, that would be fine too. (FYI – Taco Tuesday is a bar promotion for the restaurant so no one under 21 is allowed… sorry).

Now, here’s an expansion of the idea. We know that not everyone in the world can join us, but you can have your own Taco Tuesday wherever you are. Grab some people you enjoy (it doesn’t matter if they are SCPers or not) and tell them to meet you at your own local taco establishment on that Tuesday, November 29th. Now the catch is, we would love to know about it. The purpose is to hang out with REAL people and not just surround yourself in this Blog World of ours. Talk about church if you want, talk about God, talk about cussing or drinking. Better yet, do some cussin’ and drinkin’ while you talk about God and the church…. we don’t care. Or just get to know REAL people in your life and find out more about the stories of their lives.

Bottom Line… we aren’t telling you what to do. Just do something on that Tuesday. Plus if you want to pull something together for that night, send me the info (or just comment here) and let me know when and where and we will post it on the site. Hey and don’t forget to take some pictures…. we would love to put names and faces together…. I mean that is if you aren’t in the witness protection program.

Spread the word.

15 thoughts on “SCP Taco Tuesday – Nov. 29th”

  1. You guys had better do it again. I can’t be there tonight, but I’d be more than happy to make it for another one. (Try for more than a few days notice, if at all possible… 🙂

  2. Guys, you are going to get a very special treat tomorrow night: Mrs. Zeke is coming along! It’s gonna be a blast.Just to let you know, though, she is very much her own woman. And she doesn’t really get the whole SCP thing, but that’s cool. She’s the real deal.

  3. Sounds great. I love that you guys are hooking up. I wish teleporters existed. I’ll definitely call in, but it just won’t be the same as being there. I’ll do my best to get into the spirits of the thing before I call though.e.

  4. Erik, we’re looking to do the same kind of thing you Pingers are doing, getting together once a month or so to “take the conversation to the physical.”

  5. Could you pick me up a beer coaster, with that great cockfighting logo on it, pretty please.I kind of wish I could go. Guess I will be just a fly on the wall. Can’t wait for the podcast. 🙂

  6. Oh…. well…. I would say 9 or 10 pm if we can stand it… usually I take off about then… unless I feel like getting “my groove on” at the dance floor.The chicks dig me.🙂

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