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Tonight, November 6th at 9:00 PM Pacific Time, join Steve and Josh on Gizmo to listen in on a live taping of the Stupid Church People podcast. You will be able to hear the show from start to finish and sometime during the show be able to respond as we request input from those listening.

Now, here’s how it works. First, if you haven’t already download Gizmo, create an account and then login. It is simple and free. Once you have signed on, dial into 1-222-SCP-SHOW (1-222-727-7469) which will be our conference room for the podcast. When you dial-in, you will immediately conference into the show and be listening live.

Here’s a few ground rules since this is our first attempt at doing this:

1) Please use headphones. If you don’t use headphones we might have feedback. Help us out and if you can’t use headphones, join us next time or you are welcome to listen into the show, but just mute your mic button.

2) If you can, use a microphone. If you plan on participating please use a microphone attached to the input on your computer. It’s OK if you don’t have one, but the quality is better if you do.

3) When you dial into the conference room, just don’t start talking. We will call on you or ask for feedback during the show.

4) Since we are doing our normal podcast, the first fifteen minutes will be us doing the normal show and the next 10-15 minutes will be a chance for you to be involved. As I said, please do not just start talking. We will get to you and call on you during the show when we want feedback.

Here’s a breakdown on what will be happening on tonights show:
•Welcome Back – Where have we been?
•Josh’s Big Announcement
•Church Detox
•Stepping Away from Church (Discussion)

So we hope you will join us here for what we think will be a regular occurence (maybe even weekly if it goes well). Sorry it is so late for those of you on the East Coast tonight, but we will plan on moving that time up next week.

Looking forward to having everyone join us that can. See you tonight.

(P.S. Of course, if you can’t join us you can still listen to the show when we post it tomorrow online.)

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