6 thoughts on “Weeeee’re Baaaaack!”

  1. You know, a SCP party line hour might be a nice idea. You know, open up a line at x hour once a week or so for people to call in if they are home one evening. No requirement to be present, no expectations around putting a podcast together or anything, just an opportunity for those of us who move in the same circles to get to hear one another’s voices. Like an audio chat room. I know I would enjoy hearing from some of you guys.

  2. I would like to dedicate this post to Dorsey. It seems he has missed reading my posts on here, so Dorsey this is for you.Steve and Josh welcome back. I’m going to be presumptious and speak for everyone. WE MISSED YOU!!!So how ya been? What ya been up to? Did you have any SCP sightings while you were on hiatus? I”m sure you’re both chock full of good SCP sightings, and I can’t wait to hear about them.

  3. Welcome back. I almost have a nightmare where Josh was leaving SCP permanently.Unfortunately I don’t have a microphone yet, but I think the Gizmo project is a good idea since it’s easier for me to speak than to write in English. (Yes, I use a spelling and a grammar program on my computer but it doesn’t help me much). I was disconnected several times and you heard the beep every time I called back to the conference room. And by the way, I want to here the story about Steve and the peanut butter again…

  4. *posting this again, since I didn’t realize everyone was actually posting over here–you can delete the other one if you want*Aha! Somehow, I knew what Josh’s big announcement was gonna be. You could say that it was revealed to me by the Spirit, but if that were the case, you could say that the Spirit also revealed to me the true identity of Kaiser Soze, or that Bruce Willis was already dead in the 6th Sense.Nice job of foreshadowing that! 🙂Anyway, congratulations, Josh, on leaving your ministerial position and church. I look forward to hearing more from you now that you (hopefully) won’t feel the need to censor yourself for the sake of your position. I can’t wait to hear more about the SCP 12-step detox program. I’m in a similar place to you (left my church and ministerial position about a month and a half ago), so I hope we can share our struggles and so forth.Great podcast, guys! Although I’m disappointed that other people calling in on Gizmo couldn’t be included. Maybe next time (and maybe by then, I’ll have a gizmo account, too).

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