Taco Tuesday – Nov. 29th

On Tuesday, November 29th at 6:30 p.m. at Tortilla Flats on Lake Mission Viejo in Southern California, Josh and I are getting together to have some beer and margaritas, eat some tacos and talk about whatever comes up. Everyone that can get here is invited. If you want to bring someone, even if they have never been to the SCP site, that would be fine too. (FYI – Taco Tuesday is a bar promotion for the restaurant so no one under 21 is allowed… sorry).

After you enter the restuarant, look for us on the patio out behind the bar area. We will have some tables outside. If you can’t find us just start yelling out “Stupid Church People”. We are sure no one will notice.

Now, here’s an expansion of the idea. We know that not everyone in the world can join us, but you can have your own Taco Tuesday wherever you are. Grab some people you enjoy (it doesn’t matter if they are SCPers or not) and tell them to meet you at your own local taco establishment on that Tuesday, November 29th. Now the catch is, we would love to know about it. The purpose is to hang out with REAL people and not just surround yourself in this Blog World of ours. Talk about church if you want, talk about God, talk about cussing or drinking. Better yet, do some cussin’ and drinkin’ while you talk about God and the church…. we don’t care. Just get to know REAL people in your life and find out more about the stories of their lives.

Bottom Line… we aren’t telling you what to do. Just do something on that Tuesday (if it isn’t that exact day that’s cool too – just do something another time). Plus if you want to pull something together for that night, send me the info (or just comment here) and let me know when and where and we will post it on the site. Hey and don’t forget to take some pictures…. we would love to put names and faces together…. I mean that is if you aren’t in the witness protection program.

Spread the word.

9 thoughts on “Taco Tuesday – Nov. 29th”

  1. Zecryphon said…http://datetosave.com.wtf? is that site for real?!?!it can’t be .. .can it? (my jaw dropped and it doesn’t seem to be able to work correctly yet) i think my brain just stopped due to an overload or something.wtf?

  2. Hey guys…. sorry for the lack of follow-up on this. Navigating so many issues lately this fell off the radar. I appreciate you bringing it back up and expressing an interest. I do think it is a good idea and wish we had shown more follow-through.So let’s make some suggestions and I think it is perfect to let you guys run with it as well. We can come up with a list of sites and then go through them one at time… maybe post a “Field Trip of the Week”…. whaddya think? I like http://www.christianworldviewnetwork.com It always gets me going…. what suggestion do you have as a place to start.Steve

  3. I think it’s satire from somebody with a churched background. You can just throw something up here and it’s like a SCP Motel. Read the forum, it’s full of SCP freaking out about the site.

  4. I have found a web site candidate for the field trip: http://datetosave.com.I don’t know if it’s SCP or not, but damn, am I flabberghasted. I’m speechless and that’s saying something! Ya gotta check it out. I found it by Googling “Thongs for Jesus” (yes I too get creative when I get bored). Anyways, check it out, like I said I don’t know if she’s an SCP or just the whore of Babylon. You decide.

  5. str.org has this really high-brow, exegetical, apologist kinda blog…We could go there to make ourselves truly feel stupid.

  6. I hope it’s satire, but what if it’s not? I know there are people out there like that. I mean there just have to be, don’t there? LMAO Is Sable Chicken behind that site??? Inquiring minds want to know! 😀

  7. I have always found it interesting that if you offer drinks, people will come out. I heard on the podcast that one person was interested in TT because of the drinks which makes me wonder 1. Why don’t I serve drinks to my youth group.2. What is it with America’s obsession with drinking.It doesn’t matter to me if someone takes a drink or not, I just find it interesting that people can’t wait to do so.

  8. Hey Jefe I was wondering the same thing. I think I asked Steve about it in an email but I’ve heard nary a peep. Yeah I think I even nominated a site we could go visit but I can’t remember what it was at the moment, it’s 6 in the morning here, LOL. But I’m sure the membership of SCP could go off on our own and terrorize a few sites. So Zeke, Ninja, Dorsey, you guys up for a little web tourin’ or terrorizin’ depending on your mood hehehehe.Zec

  9. Hey guys.Obviously i won’t be able to make it to the taco joint on Tuesday. It’s about 3,000 miles out of the way… sorry.But, I was curious if we’re ever gonna get a chance to do the field trips you guys were talking about… you know, when we all go hang out on someone else’s site?No big deal. I was just curious. It sounded like fun.later

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