Taco Tuesday Recap

Last night a group of us here in So Cal got together and sat around and got to know one another, share our stories and discover more of the journey we are on together. New Castle and Cadillac Margaritas flowed (along with a little soda and water), the Tacos were amazing (as always) and who can beat bucket loads of free chips and salsa. What a party!

Josh and I were joined by Zeke, Mike, Brad and Chris… and it was a refreshing, unparalleled experience. Then on the phone we got a surprise call from Mrs. Zeke who was encouraging and inspirational with her presence. Also joining us via cell phone was NinjaNun who made sure that we didn’t forget about her. We wish we could have had Mrs. Zeke, Ninja and the Pete with us, but it was nice to know that they were thinking about us, and together, we all felt the love.

That’s what it is about isn’t it? Knowing that our lives, although distant by time and space at times, are connected and woven together through the stories and experiences we share. There is a God thing happening.

So, did anyone out there get together with friends and kick back this week? Tell us your stories of who are connecting with, whether it is through your church or, if you are outside the church, what are you doing to connect to those around you? Love to hear your stories.

4 thoughts on “Taco Tuesday Recap”

  1. So Bernie…. you never kick back?? C’mon man, take a couple of hours out of each week and take care of yourself and connect with others. You gotta do it man!

  2. Steve–we had nine people total (including myself and the Pete) come to our Taco Tuesday tonight. I might post about it, or maybe I’ll just share more later in person, or here in comments. Or maybe the Pete will post about it.Anyway, I gotta go pass out. That Strawberry Margarita was damn good. đŸ™‚

  3. First time visitor here!Really enjoyed yesterday’s podcast. Seriously, it’s the 3rd one I’ve listened to in the last few days. I’m getting addicted. I love the subject matter being discussed. Legalism, expectations, Phariseeism, institutionalized church, Christian relevance and, of course, the grace and love of Jesus Christ….all worthwhile to re-think.Thanks for this VERY original blog/podcast. Would enjoy getting to know you all!Jameshttp://www.advancing.blogs.com

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