Your Church is too Small

In re-thinking the church of late, I have come to one definite conclusion. The church is changing. Now, you may wonder, “Steve, what church are you talking about”? Whenever I mention church in this post, I will be referring to the body of Christ as represented by Christ-followers throughout the world.

And that’s the point of this post really… to draw attention to the principle that I have been myopic when addressing changes within the church by simply talking or pointing out flaws with my experiences in the church. Mainly and for the most part I am tired of my own dialogue and discourse in this matter.

None of the things I am discussing or pointing to within the church is really going to change. The church in America is the way it is for a reason. By and large the church is a reflection of the society in which it exists…and for the most part, we believe God is pleased with the way we do church because we think that God is like us. Now I do believe it is necessary to point them out in hopes that by addressing them or bringing them out into the open, it might allow others to feel like they are not alone in their dissatisfaction and discouragement with the current state of things.

What I have come to realize that my words are simply powerless to change the way things are in the church. I have been thinking waaaayyyyy too small on this debate.

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