Questions for Tony and Emergent

Tony Jones has agreed to sit in as a guest on our podcast and we are hoping to speak with him tonight. I have told him we are wanting to have a spirited and energetic conversation… the type of conversation you might expect from three guys meeting each other and getting to know one another. I expect it to be informative and at the same time entertaining.

I am preparing questions today that Josh and I will ask Tony, but I thought I would gather your input as to the type of things you would like to know from him regarding the Emergent.

So fire them off and I will take some of them and try to incorporate them into tonights show. If not tonight, we will be doing this very, very shortly.


UPDATE: Tony was unable to join us tonight on the show. We are planning on connecting with him again very soon. Looks like something might happen over the next two weeks. We will keep you informed. You can keep the questions coming and we will try to work as many of them into the show as possible.

21 thoughts on “Questions for Tony and Emergent”

  1. I would second all of Zeke’s questions above (no <>further up,<> not the most recent; although I agree: that would be awesome).Also, what do your new duties include as Director (or whatever your title is), and how will this help the “conversation” and “friendship” that Emergent has defined itself as?Also, I fully expect Josh to call you a bitch, and I fully expect you to take it like a man. I did. :p

  2. Jeff: <>Society continues to change and emerges continually. Thus, to reach the emerging generations, you must continue to emerge.<>That’s why every generation from Adam until now has been an “emerging” generation. It seems as if the guys today are just more hip to grab the moniker, copyright it and get a web domain for it before anyone else had the chance.

  3. also, as an evangelical expatriate (to borrow a phrase from another blog), what does the emergent church offer someone that’s tired of the same human politics in the IC that we see in the office?

  4. Hmmmm. JESUS IS T H E LORD.and the tithe money is OFTEN used in ways and manners that is A GREAT DEAL LESS than godly. Q: Does the emergent church include signs, wonders, AND A COMPLETE LACK of money-making schemes. ? hopefully.

  5. zecryphon:these are the seven aspects you will see in a emergent worship serive .. ( q’s asked )The 7 questions would be:1. Did we lift Jesus up as the centerpeice of why we gathered ?2. Did we have time for scripture – learning the story of God and man and did we invite everyone to be part of the story ?3. Did we pray together and have enough time to slow down and quiet our heartd to hear God’s voice ?4. Did we experience the joy, love and encouragement of being together as a church ?5. Did we take the Lord’s Supper together as a church regularly ?6. Did we somehow remind everyone of the mission of the church and why we exist ?7. Did we enable people to individually contribute as part of the body of Christ ?

  6. Zecryphon:The EC will be emerging FOREVER. The reason .. it is rather simple.Society continues to change and emerges continually. Thus, to reach the emerging generations, you must continue to emerge.

  7. What do you think about Certain sites criticizing the whole EC movement like YMExchange, SliceofLaodoceau(sp), Emergentno, and Lighttrailers, and how do you respond?Also what did you think of the pics of What Emerging is?

  8. How would you answer the charge that the emergent church cares more about how it stands before the world than before God?

  9. Great just what I need, two Jeffs LOL 🙂I agree with the Jeff I’m not “debating” with. Steve asked for questions he and Josh can ask Tony. Let Tony answer them and define what is Emergent.Wave_Lengths, of the seven aspects you posted of what I would experience during an Emergent service, I can say the church I’m currently attending does all of those things. I wouldn’t classify it as an Emergent church though, I’m quite happy with the non-denominational bible label my church has already. 🙂

  10. QUESTION 1: Do you rob from the offering plate to feed your family?QUESTION 2: Would you say that Jesus is the Lord or not? (not “a lord” or “our lord” but “THE” Lord.)I anticipate the first question to be answered “YES.” and the second question to be avoided altogether.-Trent

  11. One question I would like to pose for Tony is:Why does those in leadership of emergent fellowships still hold to the structure of the IC (i.e., titles, positions, etc.)?It seems to me that the EC is just a little more “touchy feely” than the IC, but the form still remains.

  12. A couple things I’d like to know: first, what makes a church Emergent and second, when will the Emergent church have fully emerged. When will it have beocome whatever it is that it’s trying to become. You can’t be emergent forever, at some point you have to be fully emerged.

  13. So, Jeff, the EC will be forever changing and growing? What it believes to be true today, could in 10 or 20 years be irrelevant? Maybe I’ll have to check out their statement of faith. Do they even have one? I still would like to know what makes a church emergent? I’ve heard it said that the EC can’t even be defined as a denomination because there are too many variables among the churches that consider themselves part of EC.

  14. What does the emergant conversation include? How do you allow the “emersion” to remain natural?What do you think the affects are of payed ministry positions to the church? i.e potential contentness, forced beliefs, lack of freedom, seperation from the real world.

  15. Why are people attempting to answer these questions that we have for Tony? Stop it, dammit!!Okay, now that I have that off my chest, I need to update one of my questions, since I didn’t finish it:Define ‘relational ecclesiology’, as it relates to the blog-world… ie- Is that type of relationship even truly possible in a forum-style environment?Thanks.(btw Zechryphon, the ‘jeff’ you’re debating with is not me, just for the record)

  16. Q: What’s your view on the Revolution that Barna writes about? How does Emergent provide or plan to provide a space for those of us who do not want to be involved in churches that have paid staff and building aspirations? Is there an Emergent “model” for Revolutionary kinds of fellowships, where believers gather that doesn’t involve the old CEO Pastor/building fund/weird songs and a monolog (to quote Craig from Out of Fellowship) model? Does he believe in the tithe, and how much of the tithe should be reserved for missions and the needy versus spent on the church itself?I want to give my honest thanks in advance to Tony for engaging on this topic. I really welcome his comments and I’m proud of him for setting aside any hard feelings he might have after being named an SCP of the Year to join you guys. That took balls, and I’m glad to see he’s up to it.

  17. Where do you see EC in the next 10, 20, 30 years?Emergent accepts Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelical, Pentecostal and now Jewish Faith… What are the limits to Emergent’s inclusion of other religious views? Are you reaching beyond ‘christianity’? Define ‘relational ecclesiology’?Oh, and one more question for Tony: Do you agree with Josh that Steve is, in fact, a ‘bitch’? And how does that fact relate to stupid church ecclesiology?————————-Hey Tony! Thanks for doing this! This is going to be awesome, unless Steve starts drinking and Josh gets all emotional again… 🙂

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