’06 on the Horizon

With 2006 on the horizon, let me just say you have probably never known anyone more excited about starting a new year then yours truly.

2005 sucked.

They (whoever the hell they are) say that crisis, pain and struggle are the things used in our life to help us learn, grow and get stronger. Well, I am going to be the smartest, biggest and toughest m-f-er in the world. By the end of December I expect to be one bad-ass dude.

But now I am ready to turn the page. I know that there is no “real” difference between December 31 and January 1. It’s just another tick of the clock, a change in numbers… but for me this new year more than ever marks a change of mental and spiritual attitude.

Here’s some things I am thinking heading into 2006:

1. SIMPLIFY. I am going to strip my life of unneccessary entanglements or burdens. I am only going to accept the essentials in my life. No this doesn’t mean getting rid of cable TV… you think I have gone nuts? Nope. I am just wanting to try to live life more simply in 2006. When faced with a decision to make, I am going to ask first which choice will lead to simplicity in me and my kids life.

2. TAKE CARE OF MYSELF. I am going to work on me in 2006. Physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally…. it’s time to take care of me.

3. LOVE MY KIDS MORE. In simplifying my life and my choices I am hoping it will help me spend more time with my children and focus on them and their needs. In taking care of myself I hope I will in turn give them a better daddy than they had in ’05.

4. LIVE WITH DIGNITY. In many ways it is like 2005 was boot camp for the rest of my life. Having many of the ideals stripped away in my life, I have seen a fresh perspective. It is like the world is raw and relationships carry no more masks. I refuse to be defined by the labels others might try to place on me. This is my life and I will live it, love it and share it as I see fit.

5. HIT IT HARD. It is time to conquer the childish ideas and beliefs we have about life, love, relationships, God, faith…. most things we hold dear. I don’t believe the BS anymore… mine or anybody else’s. The church especially is full of “childish” thinking and continues patterns and practices that are “status quo” dressed up to look like “cutting edge”. When I see it… I am going to “hit it” and hit it hard.

I am looking forward to these changes in my life.

Thank you all for your love, support and prayers in 2005. I couldn’t have imagined handling all that has occurred this year without you, my online family and friends. You have been there for me… and I appreciate you all.


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  1. Zec, you were right to start that comment with an apology and you should have ended it with one too. If you think Lance is full of it, fine. Making sure to point out you think being gay is disgusting and making jokes about gay sex acts is beneath you, dude. Or it should be anyway.But then, I’ve heard a lot of that talk at church over the years. I don’t miss it.

  2. More power to you, Steve. I pray (really, I am) for healing and blessing in your life, and in your kids. I miss you bro.

  3. My list is coming in this weekend’s < HREF="http://www.godscrum.com" REL="nofollow">Godscrum<>, but I was really feeling yours. Only for me, I’ve had a bad last <>four<> years. LOL… A couple of things that I will share that will be a theme for me in 2005: 1) I am em-effing <>Zeke<>, and I plan to be 100% who I am (as ironic as that might sound given that Zeke’s a nom de plume), and 2) I plan on being a lot more gentle with myself this year. No more constant raking myself over the coals.

  4. You’ve missed the point, but I suppose that is an American thing isn’t it….I didn’t say they ‘had false family values’….I said they had a false ‘family values’ gospel….that is…the gospel of family values that they’re preaching is false/untrue/illegitimate…And if there’s nothing wrong with ‘The Fish’…..then why not call your Christian radio station….104.7 The Baboon……or 103.7 The Aardvark…or 94.5 The Chipmunk.And our Christian sports teams, let’s cheer on our favourite football team, The Poodles…or our Christian Basketball team …the Intestinal Worms… And you’ve missed another point.No-one in churches or Christian organisations take politely-made criticisms seriously.Unfortunately with most Christians, particularly most American stupid church people….you have to grab them by the scruff of the neck, and yell in their ear until you become hoarse, for them to pay attention.Welcome to the real world of trying to deal with the stupid church person.Did stupid church people listen when people asked them politely to do something about something as obviously wrong as child abuse?No.Stupid church people had to be dragged kicking and screaming through courts and the media for DECADES before they finally realised….’oh…..we’d better do something’.Geez…..I’ve had enough…I’m going off to listen to 105.3 The Red-eyed Tree Frog.

  5. Zecryphon…. you don’t find yourself in the category of people that find it disgusting, yet you allowed yourself to follow it up with this comment:<>From what I understand of homosexual relations, you can’t even look your lover in the eye during the act, can you?<>Then this….<>I haven’t met a straight guy named Lance yet.<>In my opinion, you are out of line. I agree with Zeke, that this seems out of character for you from previous posts over the years. You might want to work on building bridges instead of tearing them down. I think Lance has been reasonable from what I have read and he hasn’t said anything personal against you.It is my hope that Lance won’t go that direction in his response to you in this matter and that we can truly identify with one of the qualities in my list for 2006… LIVE WITH DIGNITY!Don’t apologize to me Zecryphon… or any other SCP reader or listener…. considering an apology to Lance should be in order.

  6. “Hit it hard?” What exactly does that mean? If you sell out completely to christ, wouldn’t that mean seasoning your speach with salt? Wouldn’t it mean getting more involved in a local church? How can the church get any better if you distance yourself from the local church? Don’t they need people like you to help them see their error? If you are going to identify yourself with christ then friggin do it. Do it all the way or leave it.I completely walked away from the church 2 years ago. I faced the fear of being ostracized by the pious to pursue the real truth. I had been a christian for 30 years and it finally hit me how utterly ridiculous the whole damn thing was. Dude….leave. Leave it behind and think for yourself. I am not trying to be a jerk here. I am just being brutally honest.

  7. To the hosts and readers of the SCP boards: I apologize in advance if this post seems harsh, but this guy has pissed me off in a big way!An American thing? Don’t slam the U.S.A. because you’re jealous you’re not one of us. I didn’t miss your point dude, I just didn’t communicate my point more effectively. Their gospel of family values is not false, untrue, or illegitimate. You just probably think this because they probably support the traditional family structure of one mother and one father, which if I’m deducing correctly from everything you’ve stated on the SCP boards thus far, you can’t emulate being a homosexual person. I mean your name should have given it away, I haven’t met a straight guy named Lance yet.As for why the radio station is called The Fish. I believe they’re referring to the Icthus, which is that little symbol you usually see on a Christian’s car. It goes back to the days of Jesus. I believe, His followers used it to identify their places of meeting to other believers and stay hidden from Roman authorities.“No-one in churches or Christian organisations take politely-made criticisms seriously.”Well when you demonstrate the ability to make a criticism in a polite way, then we’ll take you seriously.“Welcome to the real world of trying to deal with the stupid church person.”Funny from where I’m sitting, it looks like this post is coming from the world of the pissed off gay guy, who can’t accept those who find his way of life disgusting and shameful. But you yourself know that already. From what I understand of homosexual relations, you can’t even look your lover in the eye during the act, can you?I don’t know where you’re getting this child abuse thing from, but I’m gonna guess it’s more ranting from man with serious issues.

  8. Lance, as I said I am not a fan of “the fish” but I’m not sure what angers you so much in regard to this station. I actually scrutinized their site and found nothing major worth complaining about. Also, if you are trying to accomplish something worthwhile, I don’t think anyone will take you serious when your constructive criticism is, “your name is stupid and you have false family values”. Why don’t you just tell them that their DJ’s are ugly and they have B.O. That will probably be just as intelligent.

  9. After leaving church, I did about 4 years research on pastors and Christians’ attitudes to gay people and homosexuality.Because I discovered that most Christians act pious and loving most of the time….but turn feral when the gay issue comes up….I devised a little button-pushing test, to see who is..what we call in Australia ‘fair-dinkum’ (for real) about their Christian faith, and who is faking it….(although it works better when I’m able to type in pink or rainbow-coloured font…because it gets a bigger reaction….black font on white background just doesn’t quite have the same effect on pharisees.)You see, the real Christian’s loving countenance doesn’t change when the gay thing comes up. The Pharisee goes red in the face, and starts sounding off about those ‘disgusting perverts’ (thank God I’m not like those ‘sinners’), as their abomination of pride (proverbs 16:5) manifests itself.The real Christian will take anything that’s dished out, and will still come back with a loving and genuinely heartfelt response.If I’m to be part of any Christian community, I as a gay person, need to know what its members REALLY think about gay people…..not just their ‘loving’ play-acting that they do around church.I now know some things that I didn’t know before…..Zecryphon is not to be trusted for any reason at any time.You may say…’but he’s said he’s sorry’.My experience is that people like Zecryphon…..will say they’re sorry, and then return to their previous way of thinking within a week…once the immediate narcissistic crisis (being found to be lacking among his Christian peers) is over.If he can see an opportunity in the future to get away with putting down a gay person ..when he thinks his Christian buddies aren’t looking…he WILL do it…I can guarantee it.People like Zecryphon, at their core level, do not change. They just don’t.Sorry…I’m just a realist…and that’s why I’ve found that it’s necessary to test every community of Christians I encounter for their ‘gay-friendliness’….because Christians are the masters of fake ‘loving’.

  10. I don’t think any attempt to reform the church is futile. But you’re not going to get too far with reforming the church if everyone in the church is happy with the way things are and you’re the only one who isn’t.And just what constitutes a clue for you, Lance? Will everyone finally have a clue when we all think like you do and agree with you?Also where do you get off telling anyone that their family values are false? What makes that so? Because their values are different than yours? Because they value a traditional family structure over your way of life? Just what are you doing to improve relations between Christians and the homosexual community? All I’ve seen you do is go to various Christian sites and be rude and belligerent towards other people. You don’t respect our views or opinoins, you think everyone who disagrees with you suffers from Homophobia. Where is the incentive to change anything coming from? It’s certainly not coming from you.

  11. Steve, great list. I look forward to seeing how this plays out in your life. Lance, “the fish” , like all “christian” radio stations, is cheesy and struggles to have likeable DJ’s because they target the same crowd as “christian” bookstores. These bookstores and radio stations don’t sit well with me but I just accept the fact that tons of people love them… so it doesn’t bother me.

  12. you know, i got rid of a lot of stuff in an attempt to simplify this year, and i look around my room and i still have a lot of stuff. looks like i’ll be getting rid of more stuff in ’06. i haven’t had cable tv in years. it’s just a waste of time. books are severely underated in this country, and so is spending time doing things like hiking, playing board games, etc.of course, i’ve had enough jan 1s to realize that setting goals for the year is ridiculous. if something is meant to be done, it will get done, won’t it? 😉

  13. Ok, I was pulling up yours and Kc’s comment boxes…and I don’t know whose this one is…so I guess I’ll just make a generic comment! No…hold on, that would be impersonal.

  14. Does ‘The Fish’ *cough* signify that any attempt to reform the church is futile?Are we seriously over-estimating stupid church people’s ability to get a clue?I emailed the fish to inform them that their name and their false ‘family values’ gospel was stupid….and I got back a reply saying I’m … ‘obviously either a disgruntled Christian or a non-Christian who wants to find fault.’

  15. Steve, we’ve both had shitty years. Here’s to a better 2006 for the both of us! Take care of yourself, man. You’ve got yourself and those boys to care for.

  16. Sorry Zeke, but I tend to act badly when I’m angry. I never said that I personally found his way of life disgusting, I said there are those that do, I do not include myself in that category though.

  17. After reading the posts of Zeke, Steve and others I have come to the conclusion that I was indeed way out of line. My comments were rephrensible and inexcusable and said in the heat of the moment without thinking.Lance I am sorry for any pain they may cause you and hope that I can gain the respect of the people on this board at some time in the future.

  18. Steve,Good list. I wish I’d found you guys sooner. Looks like you’ve had a year very similar to my own. Looking forward 2006’s edition of stupidchurchpeople.com. Thanks dood…

  19. one that i’m going to do this year which, of course, i would ask everyone to try is to see as much of the world as possible.for us, this will be several excursions into the great north west forsets, rivers, moutains, and beaches.get out there! breathe the air of the world! be in the world! see the world! interact with the world! take care of the world!

  20. Great list. Stay at it and I look forward to the 2007 report. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Some of what you say hits home with me and is a “urge” to me.Thanks.WH

  21. Lance, Let me first apologize for the language zecryphon used towards you. I don’t know him or know if he is a follower of Christ but that obviously is what gives Christians a bad reputation. As far as my last comments are concerned. I see how you think it is funny that this station is called “the fish”, but actually here in America many radio stations Christian and non, use mascots. We had an “oldies” station in this area called “the frog”. From a cultural standpoint, I can see how this sounds stupid. It really is, except for in the American culture it is not uncommon. The fish just happens to be our local Christian station’s mascot which zecryphon correctly attributed to the first century Christians using to identify themselves. In fact in the ancient city of Ephesus, this symbol can still be found on some of the ruins. Christians used this symbol because they were taking a risk by not giving their allegiance to the Emperor of Rome. Point two: You once again said their gospel of family values is “false, untrue, and illegitimate”. I really don’t see where they talk about family values. They do say that they are “family friendly” which is referring to their “clean” humor and language but as far as I can tell, they don’t push any sort of agenda. I’m sure they have strong stances on issues that I even disagree with but I don’t see those issues blatantly pushed. Point Three: I did not know that you are not from America, but the truth is that in America and in the 20 other countries I have traveled to, people do not respond positively when insulted. Change comes with mutual respect and understanding. “Grabbing people by the neck and yelling in their ears” is just the sort of thing that causes each other to get angry and miss the point altogether. Just look at the virtual yelling that is beginning with this post. I seriously doubt that you are listening to zecryphon and I doubt that he is listening to you. …. I have to go now. I play for the poodles and our game begins in 20 minutes.

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