Friend or Foe

It is our privilege to offer you as a participant of the Stupid Church People community the banners below so that you may easily identify with Stupid Church People (SCP). Each banner image will allow you to proudly communicate on your site your special relationship with SCP. There are two images with accompanying HTML code underneath which, when inserted onto your web page, simply and easily places these images onto your site.

The first banner is to be used if you consider yourself a “friend”. We would love to have you use this banner to promote the conversation we are having here. This banner is to be used when speaking well of SCP.

The second banner is to be used if you consider yourself a “foe”. This is for those who have discovered us or stumbled upon us and, like viewing a train wreck, are repulsed by what you see yet can’t avert your eyes. Maybe you think we are equal to Beelzebub himself for our statements and beliefs. Or maybe you just find the whole damn (er, I mean darn) site offensive for no really good reason. We don’t care why you despise us, we just know you do.

Well, we have taken the time to design this banner for you to use in any derogatory fashion that you may see fit. The only thing we ask is that you use the HTML code below to place the banner on your site.

Don’t hesitate to place these banners today. Make sure you leave a comment letting us know where you will be placing the banner so we can come and check it out.

Finally you can let everyone that visits your site know, without a shadow of a doubt, how you feel about the SCP site. Friends and foes… together we can all make a difference.


Per some requests, it seems that some would like a smaller banner which might be more appropriate for the space on your site. Always willing to accomodate, the wacky graphics guys here at SCP are on top of it. Below are two smaller banners with HTML code below them that you can now show on your site with equal enthusiasm. At SCP, size doesn’t matter.

24 thoughts on “Friend or Foe”

  1. I’m using the big friend logo. Why? I like to think of it using a gun analogy. Which do you feel more comfortable having. A .22? Or a .357? 😉

  2. Jeff You said…” I customized my link. I hopeyou don’t mind. But I felt it was the most accurate description of my relationship with vision of SCP…”Can you send me the link, or list it here?

  3. Is this for real or a joke? The only reason I’m asking is because Emergent offers the same kind of thing on their site.Why don’t you and Tony Jones get yourselves together in a room with a tape measure and settle this once and for all?

  4. whiteblackbear,I admire your convictions. You always have the right to stand up for them! Bravo.Dan, I just emailed the link to you.Steve, hi! (i didn’t want you to feel left out… 🙂 and what’s up with this word verification crap?? SCP has always been WV-Free… [/lazytypist] hehehe

  5. I couldn’t agree more whiteblackbear….you took the words right out of my mouth….<>most Christians are way too ignorant and are a bad testimony.<>

  6. I think I will use both logos. I also think you should require each person who comments to post their particular “Friend” or “foe” logo by their comment. It will help give a little perspective.

  7. oh this is good! I will have to customize my blog with a Foe buttom,,,when I have a moment to write my reasons why. but they are bit like Black and White.I LOVE YOU GUYS

  8. Hey Steve,Can you take a look at your RSS setup? I’m trying to subscribe to SCP via my feedreader, and only Josh’s page comes up when I click on your feed.

  9. You know, I really like these banners…But for those us us that have been around for awhile, I just don’t feel like they cut it. You see, the friends of SCP like to consider ourselves more as “special friends,” while the foes certainly aren’t just your “run-of-the-mill” foes… they’re special too. So, I’ve undertaken in the last 5 minutes to create an alternative banner that more accurately expresses these nuances in relationship: < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Check it here.<>

  10. I cannot claim to be a friend or a foe and here is why. I agree that Church as we know it needs a revamp or possibly even a chuck it and redo it. Now I realize we are not perfect, but we need to be careful about endorsing sins. I have listened to a few podcasts and heard many curse words which offend me. I used to think it was OK but Ephesians 5:4 “Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking, which are out of place, but rather thanksgiving”.Changed my mind. In addition, I think your condoning of “libations” and gay innuendo are disturbing. It took me a few episodes of your podcast to figure out if you guys are gay. I hope you arent. I know one of you is married.If it werent for the above, I would be a friend. I like the radical “unchurchiness” of this place and I feel most Christians are way too ignorant and are a bad testimony. I just fear you guys may have gone too far the other way.God Bless, Your Bro in Christ. Whiteblackbear

  11. Ooh, and another thing, I wish other websites offered “foe of…” banners, I’d love to have a few for the “car crash” websites I often visit (car crash, as in, awful but you can’t tear your eyes away from it)

  12. I customized my link. I hopeyou don’t mind. But I felt it was the most accurate description of my relationship with vision of SCP…🙂

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