Stupid Headset People

I am not sure what it is, but when I see guys wearing these damn stupid bluetooth headsets I just want to walk up to them and POP them in the back of the head. People who wear these things either a) think that their shit don’t stink, b) overvalue their importance to society or c) have incredibly small penises. (I have never observed a woman wearing one of these, which seems to prove my theory that women are supremely more intelligent than men).

Sure, I get the idea of wearing these things in your car. That makes sense. But why the hell do you need this thing strapped to your ear as you get your cup of coffee, or schlep around the mall or watch your kids ball game on a Sunday afternoon. Get over yourself moron. You really look like an idiot.

16 thoughts on “Stupid Headset People”

  1. Steve, you uninformed, narrow-minded bastard,a) my shit <>definitely<> stinks (watch your mailbox, proof is on the way);b) I am utterly useless to society;c) I don’t know who told you that, but it wasn’t very nice.Yeah, I’m guilty, but my Jabra headset is discreet, behind the ear, and generally not visible because I have long hair. Not so with it’s Motorola counterpart which makes you look like an escapee from a Star Trek convention.My problem is that putting it on is a bit of a hassle, and I inevitably hit the call button and cut off whoever was calling me (usually < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Jeff<>). And the Jabra’s comfortable enough that I just forget I’m wearing it.Face it, Steve; You’ll have one soon enough and, driving around in your BMW, you’ll become the thing you hate. It’s inevitable.

  2. heh… for the record I do not use a bluetooth headset, just a corded earpiece.But I’ll never forget the first time I heard someone talking on a handsfree cellphone headset. She was rapping away next to me in the grocery line, and when I realized she wasn’t talking to me I figured she was batsh*t crazy. Then I saw she had a cord plugged into her cellphone that ran to her ear. <>Ahhh…<>

  3. Dorse, you never fail to make me laff! I know it’s mis-spelled, it just looks funnier this way. Would you have tuned in every Saturday morning to the Laff-A-Lympics if they used the correct spelling? 😉Oh and Dorsey I don’t understand why anyone would want to leave a Star Trek convention, much less be an escapee. Could you clarify this for me? I mean that’s like leaving a Star Wars or X-Files or Buffy convention early. Blasphemy I say!!! LMAO 😉

  4. .:hehe:. I saw a guy in Starbucks yesterday with one of those things in his ear!! I totally agree with you!! 🙂 I mean really!?

  5. Dude… I already am the thing I hate. But it has nothing to do with what I drive. How’s that for some honesty.But I will never have one of these “beam me up scottie” headsets… and if I did I wouldn’t wear it outside my car.Dorky…excuse me… Dorsey… I still love you.

  6. Bluetooth technology is definitely on the rise.I suspect eventually, the transmitter will be implanted in your right hand, and the transmitter implanted somewhere in your head… maybe the forehead?I wonder if the model number will begin with “6”…

  7. Hey, I don’t have a Bluetooth headset, but the way you are bashing them is exactly how people used to rip on others who had cell phones back in the mid 90’s. How many times did you hear someone say how rediculous it was to carry a phone around with you everywhere you went. Now look, we all have cell phones and take them everywhere we go. I am not a fan of getting a Bluetooth headset, but I am not going to say that the people who use them are full of themselves and have a small penis. By the way… how did you verify that?

  8. Steve, they do think their shit doesn’t stink, they have an overinflated view of their worth to society and yes, they do have microscopic penises (penii?)What I wouldn’t give to have powers like that little girl in Firestarter and cause those bluetooth headsets to combust whilst they are being worn.

  9. “I could tell you how I got the measurements, but then I would have to microwave you :)”Bruce, are you German too? 🙂 LOL JK

  10. Oh thanks Steve if Zeke see’s this its over. He not only has a ear thingy he likes star trek. Thanks alot I might as well become a nun!psh!

  11. Steve, if ever our paths shall cross please don’t smack me on the back of the head. I wear an over-the-ear hearing aid in my right ear. The case is silver plastic, so as to look like one of these “damn stupid bluetooth headsets” as you so eloquently put it. 🙂I’m 33 years old and have a severe to profound (this is the only level left in hearing loss after severe, guess severe wasn’t serious enough hehehehe) due to Menengitis as a baby.So I have to ask you “you wouldn’t hit a handicapped guy would you? 😉

  12. “and yes, they do have microscopic penises (penii?)”I don’t want to pry, but how on earth did you ever get close enough to confirm this? And with a microscope no less! 🙂 🙂“What I wouldn’t give to have powers like that little girl in Firestarter and cause those bluetooth headsets to combust whilst they are being worn.”Ah, history does indeed repeat itself. I remember reading similar sentiments about people when cell phones and notebook computers first reared their ugly heads. Of course I had one of each. I am a self-admitted Star Wars geek, so of course I had one of each! LMAO

  13. I wish they could be used with a soundsystem as a personal monitors when your performing, they can’t I checked 🙁 The ones that are dedicated to sound reinforcement are over $1000 CDN! Dan Hergott

  14. damn, you beat me to the punch on this issue! I was actually going to do a “Gay Gadget Of 2006” posting for the BlueTooth… gay not as in homosexual, but gay as in ridiculous…as for women, I was at a restaurant last night and a woman had one of those on her ear from the time she sat down until the time she left… mostly men, but there are some “gay” women, too…

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