In the meantime…

Well, it’s been awhile since Josh and I have done a podcast. It really sucks…and I know that some of you actually listen and enjoy them…and we were on such a good pace to hit 50 episodes before summer. Now, who knows when or where the next show will pop-up, but in the meantime I thought I would point you to some other very cool podcasts…these are the ones I would recommend…not because I listen to them, but because they are friends and I trust that what they have to say resonates with those of you that follow this site.

Things You Can’t Take With You

There are things you can’t take with you when you move.

Memories: The house I moved from represented all that is right with what it means to be a family. Things like commitments, motivation, hard work, team effort, sacrifice, struggle…all of these are fond memories I will have of this home. Our second son was born in this house. Our first son became a young man here. This home was full of memories that cause me to be thankful for every moment I am alive.

Emotions: There were struggles as I have mentioned above. These “tough times” have led me to experience emotions that I thought did not exist for me. It has put me in touch with myself and my inner workings that have frightened me at times, yet made me know that I am fully alive as one of God’s creations. There were happy emotions as well. Seeing my youngest born, watching my oldest develop and ask the “hard questions”, experiencing the excitement of beginning my own business, watching birthdays, Christmas mornings… oh and I turned 40 here. Now that was emotional.

Faith: In this house my faith ran the gamut. As far as church goes, I went from not attending church, to finding a church, to not attending church again all in a matter of those nearly seven years. Stupid Church People was started here and it literally saved my life as I have mentioned before. SCP gave me back my voice within this madness and allowed me to share with others my struggles, my pain, my victories, my faith…whether they cared or not…whether they liked it or not.

The picture above epitomizes “those things you can’t take with you”. As I was moving the last few items out of the garage, I happened by a wall that is somewhat hidden that I had nearly forgot about. As you can tell, it is a place where we marked the growth of my oldest son from shortly after we moved in (after he turned five) until just prior to him turning nine. It hit me then, “There are some things you just can’t take with you.” So I snapped this photo.

These markers could well represent my own growth and that of my family. While we experienced much in our time within the walls of this house, one thing that showed steady growth was the depth of our love for each other. Whether it is in good times or bad, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health…. I do know without a shadow of a doubt that we love one another in a deeper, more meaningful way now more than ever.

And I know one more thing: Changing addresses will not change our love as a family.

I love you guys.

Moving on Down the Road

Actually this is literally true.

Me and the boys will be moving literally down the road, about four or five blocks to our new house this weekend. Currently I am surrounded by a plethora of boxes and a pile of stuff that is being seriously considered for the trash heap. We have been here six years and it is amazing what you accumulate.

I find moving down the street can be more difficult than moving across the country. Having done both, I prefer neither. It all sucks. But getting to the new place will be refreshing… it’s a little bigger, has a great view… and selling this place completely and entirely erases all of our debt and leaves us with some cash to move forward into whatever is next for us.

We are blessed.

So, with that being said things have been and will be a little quiet around here at SCP. We planned on doing a podcast but with all my gear packed away it just wasn’t going to happen this week. So we will look forward to next week. Thought I would give everyone a heads up as to what is happening in my part of the world.