Moving on Down the Road

Actually this is literally true.

Me and the boys will be moving literally down the road, about four or five blocks to our new house this weekend. Currently I am surrounded by a plethora of boxes and a pile of stuff that is being seriously considered for the trash heap. We have been here six years and it is amazing what you accumulate.

I find moving down the street can be more difficult than moving across the country. Having done both, I prefer neither. It all sucks. But getting to the new place will be refreshing… it’s a little bigger, has a great view… and selling this place completely and entirely erases all of our debt and leaves us with some cash to move forward into whatever is next for us.

We are blessed.

So, with that being said things have been and will be a little quiet around here at SCP. We planned on doing a podcast but with all my gear packed away it just wasn’t going to happen this week. So we will look forward to next week. Thought I would give everyone a heads up as to what is happening in my part of the world.

9 thoughts on “Moving on Down the Road”

  1. All I’m gonna say is…. SORE, TIRED, a little PUNCHY… but relieved this part is over….Now if I could just find (fill-in-the-blank)!!

  2. Yeah Steve, I really wanted to be there to help you move, too! But I had this thing I had to do and um, then my car hit a waterbuffalo and I couldn’t find a towel…you know how it goes. Seriously, congrats on the move. Sounds like a good thing. (Is there room for Dorsey & me to stay over when we fly out for the 100th podcast??)

  3. Hey man. I really wanted to be there to help you move but it was just a crazy weekend for me with aScend and all of that. If there’s anything you need as you get settled in your new place, let me know. And Amy is a great decorator. She’ll help you decide where to put that football phone you got with a SI subscription a few years back.

  4. Steve, congratulations on the new house and getting out of debt! Yayyyy Steve!::Zec does happy dance for Steve and his family::I know exactly how you’re feeling because my wife and I got out of debt a couple years ago with the help of a debt consolidation company and then purchased our first new home just a little over a year ago! It’s an awesome feeling! I’m glad your experiencing it too.

  5. i keep saying that i’ll save it for a million dollar idea, but because i’m such a nice guy…i made a shirt that says, “i prayed the prayer of jabez and all i got was this lousy t-shirt.” or, in steve’s case, a new house.

  6. Steve, moving at our age can really be a PITA. Glad to hear that things are looking up for you. I’d help you move, but being 2,000 miles away is a slight impediment. Take your time on the podcast. You have enough to deal with right now.

  7. Good luck with the move, and congratulations on your financial success! (You prayed the prayer of Jabez, didn’t you? Admit it.)

  8. Congrats on moving, Steve! I’m glad you are moving forward and now have a great house with a nice view for you and the boys! I hope you find all the things you are missing from the move in the coming days and weeks. 😉<>It’s a very exciting time!<>

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