Life’s Too Short – Part Deux

My recent post “Life’s Too Short” was (appropriately) short, sweet and to the point. Brevity is a blessing (especially to those who think I am a bit loquacious at times)! The subject of my post, although unnamed, was not institutional as some may have thought, but was highly personal. As Ninja Nun so adequately ascertained, it was a post that was meant more for me than any of you… it was my public profession of faith in myself to strive to rise above something that will certainly destroy me and those around me if I allow it.

This post and the next will be different. I want to address the institutional church and those that I have served with in the past. I have no idea how far-reaching this stupid site has become. If you google my name, it won’t take you long to find me here.

So, in this gigantic yet very intimate world that we live, I am certain some church leaders I have known from my past have stumbled across this site and wondered if I have gone crazy, or worse, how is it that I have backslidden so far. For those in that category (or those innocent onlookers that wonder the same thing), this post is for you.

It has been my pleasure to work alongside some very talented and gifted men and women. There are many that I owe a great deal for the way they have shaped and influenced my life and thinking. From my early childhood, into my youth and young adult days, and throughout the middle part of my life and now… at each place I have been, there have been many that have impacted me and made a difference. Leaders, co-workers and those that I served have been a part of the fabric of my life that I will cherish and never forget.

So is Stupid Church People about some of these people and places? Well, I wish I could say that it wasn’t, but that isn’t the case. But this doesn’t mean that just because I am critical of those places in my past that I don’t respect and care for those that were a part of those places. In part three, I will explain…..

6 thoughts on “Life’s Too Short – Part Deux”

  1. Great site. I am a seminary student endangering my career by reading Stupid church people and subscribing to the Door and more

  2. Steve,I think you’re point of view is right on. The people with whom you’ve worked in the past may be offended by your current “call”. However, this is exactly the sort of thing most church professionals NEED to hear. The views expressed on SCP while funny, irreverent, and perhaps offensive at times are common to many people in church. In fact, I’m suprised by the similarity of thoughts posted on SCP and those communicated between my friends and I. Keep it up.

  3. Steve,You’ve always struck me as the kind of guy who can extrapolate the good out of a situation without being jaded by the bad.Still, you have the ability to identify the bad and identify the need for change.As you’ve always said, we’re all SCP. And some days I feel like I’m the chiefest of SCPs. But even in the midst of our stupidity, there are things to be learned. I’m glad for you that you have such respect for those former co-leaders. But I’m also glad for you that you’ve identified the “stupid” parts too. Otherwise, how would I have heard about it?

  4. Righteousness by grace is freedom. If you are being put into a box then people are not reacting to your righteous state, they are reacting to their fear and insecurity. It is not your responsibility to to help people ” not get offended”. That is just ludacris. If the people you have worked with get upset because you are being honest they have missed the whole point of humanity and relationships. I do not subscribe to this site because I agree with everything, I subscribe for it’s honesty and open minded attitude. I am not going to thank you or piss on you. I am going to say enjoy the journey and live passionately. If you get bored check out my ministries site some time, you can see we believe in the Gospel and in people not going to hell. The rest is fluff and I have no problem telling any one that with no appologies.Marc David

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