Don’t tell anyone, but rumor has it that a new SCP podcast is about to be released sometime in the next 24 hours.

There’s a new intro, a new attitude, some new music…

It’s a new season of Josh and Steve.

Shhhhhhh, but don’t tell anyone OK?

9 thoughts on “Shhhhhhhhh”

  1. Why are we all whispering?<>No one can hear you scream on the internets (unless you have one of them dang ol’ podcast thingies–and I don’t know nuthin’ about that).<>

  2. Your secret is safe with me. If anyone asks me, “I don’t know nothin'”. If they persist in their nonsensical ravings of the lunatic mind, I’ll say “Steve and Josh who? What’s a podcast? A talk show done by amateurs that you can listen to on an mp3 player? Now that’s just silly!” (grins)

  3. Great podcast. Seems to me you’re both alot more “edgy” for season 2. You keep this up and you two may get that little red sticker that says explicit next to the name of your podcast. (smiles)Josh, congratulations on the new job. Steve, congratulations on the new house.I do have a question though. Steve said that all the beer he has in his house are the left-overs from when Josh brought sixers over in the past. Why would you keep year old beer and why would you take year old beer with you when you move? Maybe it’s just me, but if my beer gets older than a month, I tend to just buy new. Wait a minute, strike that from the record… I just remembered, beer doesn’t last a week in my house, let alone a month. LOLGreat to have you guys back on the airwaves. Especially since one of my favorite podcasts “Bad Hair Day” has signed off from the podosphere. Since they mentioned you on an early podcast of theirs I thought you’d like to know. But then again, you’ve said you don’t listen to other podcasts or read other blogs so probably not. In short I love the show and the new format. Keep it up, we’ve missed you! Now can we have a group hug please? C’mon Steve, ya know you want to! LOL

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