Davidic Questions

No I am not talking about David from the Old Testament. I am referring to “The David of Tulsa” who on my last post asked these very insightful questions.

My question, Steve: Is it not true that the base idea of the surreal SCP’s contrasted with the reality based christians (non-SCPs) is that by being fake and unrelatable the church has lost it’s ability to reach the unsaved population? If so, why not more conversation about reaching the lost?

Here is my thoughtful and knee-jerk response to his questions.

David… lots of loaded questions and since I have been drinking a bit I might be actually able to answer them. If I was completely sober I wouldn’t have a chance in hell….

I think the real question could be whether or not it is the church’s purpose (according to Christ) to “reach” (whatever that means) the “unsaved” (whatever that means). I think I know what you mean and I am not trying to be difficult but I think we like to qualify and quantify things too much.

I think the Church (big “C”) is unable to effectively communicate and dialogue with the culture that it resides in…. possibly due in part because it might not be meant to do so.

I do think the responsibility of the Church (big “C”) is to get the church (little “c”) it integrate, assimilate and affiliate itself with the culture. To “become all things to all men”.

In doing this the Church more completely accomplishes the great commission… “Love the Lord with all your heart, soul and mind AND love your neighbor AS you love yourself”.

So to answer your question, why not more conversation about reaching the lost? I respond with others, “What does that really mean?, Who are the lost?, Is that how we are to best spend our time and resources?, Is that really our job?” These are off the top of my head questions, challenging my own thinking on the subject…and, please remember, after three margaritas, on the rocks with salt.

No where near to drawing final conclusions on these and other questions, but I sure do like asking them.

So there you have it. I thought, what the hell, why not share it over here and let you smart people dialogue about it and give me and David a piece of your mind. Let it fly.

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