Memories of Bean

I fully anticipate hate mail on this one. But what the hell. I know animals are precious creations of God, and I realize they oftentimes become important parts of our families. Trust me, when our cat hasn’t come home at night, who’s outside freezing his arse off calling “Kitty, kitty” in that annoying high pitched voice I use to get him to come. Seriously, I would feel really awful if our beloved Diego was to become “kitty pate” for the neighborhood coyotes. However….

All that being said, the memoirs about Bean (the pug) were written by a friend of a friend of a friend who shall remain nameless. They really made me laugh. Not laugh as in “isn’t this cute” but more laugh as in “are you kidding me?” It isn’t the pleasant memories of the pet that cause me to giggle incessantly, it’s just well… well… well just read these excerpts for yourself. Yes, these are excerpts from a four-page “Bean-fest”… enjoy!

Bean Passes Away

My beloved little Bean has gone home to be with Jesus. Saturday, March 18, 2006, was an extremely difficult day for us. A few days before, Bean began to exhibit some neurological decline. The symptoms I saw were those that the doggy neurologist had warned me about seven and ½ months ago… As I was praying and wondering if this would be “the day”, Bean had a seizure. I then knew that this had to be “the day”. I had prayed for the past seven and ½ months that if I were to have to have him put to sleep, then I would need to be very clear on this. I had even prayed that I would find Bean dead rather than me having to be the one to make the terrible decision. I clung to the verse, II Chronicles 20:12, that says, “…We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you…” (This was in the midst of a much larger, better trained army, attacking the Israelites.) I trusted that God will help me to know what to do, when I needed to know. Bean was diagnosed with brain cancer in July 2005 and given 1-3 months to live. Even though I prayed for his healing and extended life, I knew that this might not be granted to me.

God orchestrated Saturday morning in that my dear friend Debby was available to come from LA. In fact, she even had my name on her calendar. We did not know why, but now we do. She, as well, is a “single mom” having two little doggies of her own. She knew my pain. I look back now and don’t know how I did it. Debby took me and little Bean to the vet. I was holding him in my arms when the injection was given. Somehow God gave me the grace to do this. Thank you Lord. He is faithful. I have a peace, though am terribly sad. I am thankful for the seven and ½ months more I was given with this little guy.

Everybody Loves Bean

Valley Springs Fellowship (most of the people there) was very accepting of Bean. In fact, in the church directory, it lists my name and then Bean’s (where others have their spouse or children)! Bean loved children and they loved him. When a child would see me at church or in town, the first thing they would say is “Where is Bean?”, not, “Hi Cyndi”.

On July 17, 2000 when my grandma Eddy died, we congregated at my parents’ house. Of course I brought Bean. Once in the door to my parents’ house, Bean charged up the stairs to my parents’ bedroom (where he had never been prior), marched right over to my dad’s side of the bed, and lifted his leg. If you know my dad, you know he was not happy! All dogs were forever banned from his home that day forward. He says that there is still a stain where Bean left his mark.

Bean Gets Busy

When Bean and I moved back to California, we visited with my sister’s family. Bean liked to be there as Bozzie, their Dalmatian was there. Bozzie and Bean would run around chasing each other, but it was mostly Bean trying to hump Bozzie. One day we watched them out in the court-yard. Bean was much smaller than Bozzie. He had to stand on his hind legs to even reach Bozzie’s back end. The funniest thing was when Bean was trying to hump Bozzie (which would never work!), and hit a scratch spot on Bozzie. Bozzie was out there shaking his leg like crazy, completely enjoying the experience.

I guess this brings us to the topic of Bean’s humping issue. Many have memories of this, some not so fond. Because I waited so long to have him fixed, humping was a problem, along with the peeing. Bean had no shame. I found it extremely challenging to dissuade Bean from humping. I finally had Bean “fixed” after one of my former roommates became very offended by it.

Pastor Bean

My relationship with Bean taught me about my relationship with God. You see, I adored that little pug… I was crazy about him! No matter how naughty he was, what he peed on, or ruined, it did not change my love for him one iota. If I loved that little guy, regardless of his behavior, how much more does God love me, and regardless of my behavior? I always think I have to be “good” to get more of God’s love, but that certainly isn’t the case. Bean did not have to do anything for me to love him; nothing! I am reminded as well, that I don’t have to do anything great for God to love me.

I just ordered a garden stone in memory of Bean. Included on the stone is Matthew 10:29 where Jesus says that sparrows are sold two for a penny, but not one of them will fall from the ground apart from the will of the Father. God clearly loves animals which are part of His creation. In fact, I am doing a Bible study on animals and I am now pretty convinced that I will one day see my little guy in Heaven. For now though I trust that he is being very spoiled by both of my grandmas! (Maybe he is even trying to hump Bozzie!)

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  1. Jeff, You’re assuming that animals are somehow responsible for the Fall, not victims of it. “The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed. For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God.” -Romans 8:18-21So it looks like all dogs DO go to heaven! But I no longer consider myself “Evangelical,” so YMMV.

  2. Okay. Here’s your first hate mail, Steve.I hate this “all dogs go to heaven” crap. I mean… it’s a dog!Now wait. I love dogs. But, if you hold to the evangelical view of heaven, does this mean Jesus came to earth as a perfect dog, only to be ‘put to sleep’ for canine sins?? Did He bear the punishment of eating their own poop and sniffing crotches??Can a dog confess Jesus Christ as ‘master’ if he cannot actually speak?? Or does the constant panting count as the canine alternative to speaking in tongues??Yes, I love dogs. But if there are dogs in heaven… and God is no respector of animals, does that mean there’ll be cats in heaven too?? I don’t think so. I mean, at least dogs, if they do something wrong, will try & make up wth you… kind-of like repentance. But a cat??? No way! Cats have attitudes… VERY self-righteous is a feline. Sinful, sinful, sinful!!!No. I do not think ‘Bean’ will be walking through those ‘Pearly Gates’. But I do think there’ll probably be garden variety animals there. Horses & stuff, right?? Lion/lamb??Who knows?!? More importantly, who cares?!? It’s a dang dog!!!(There Steve. In a most Christlike fashion, this “hate-mail” response should deflect some of the anger away from you and on to me.)[/hatealldogsgotoheaven]

  3. David,you’ve offended me. I don’t mind being grouped with dogs. But I draw the line at being associated with evangelicals…

  4. Steve,You’re right. You’ll get hate e mail on this one. But you knew what you were doing when you set out:)Pete

  5. I’m surprised she didn’t clearly see that Bean was gay. Would she still love him if and allow him to “pastor” her if he were gay? 😉p.s. I see nothing else wrong with this lady’s post, though. If I could take my cat everywhere, I would. (He would freak out, though. But at least he wouldn’t go around humping other cats or inanimate objects in public).

  6. I consider myself to be Evangelical Free and I must say, I’ve never felt so unwelcome! And nun, you talk about humping inanimate objects in public like it’s a bad thing! LOL 😛

  7. You swore you damn sinner!Oh… Hello. =)Cynical, opinionated. Fully human.“But there is hope in our youth.”Thank you for having faith in my generation.It looks like these stupid church people really do get stupid, as much as I get stale in my thinking when I don’t find an outlet to let loose ideas. The joys of blogging?

  8. Your Wikipedia article of the day is: < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Anthropomorphobia.<>

  9. Who the hell is Bean the dog? Is that even a real dog? I’m confused.Real or not, things like this were the reason the internet slang “tl:dr” was invented.

  10. Jesus said there is no humping in heaven but if dogs get 2 “hump” n heaven let me come bak az a dog & then die 4 good 🙂

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