McLaren Snubs SCP

Brian McLaren has been soliciting bloggers to write reviews for his book, “The Secret Message of Jesus”. Yours truly has been bypassed, ignored, and slighted. SCP hasn’t been invited to the party. I wonder why.

First Zeke got invited to share his feedback and then most recently so did Brandon. Each recieved a complimentary copy of the book from McLaren’s publicist so they could share with their readers what they thought about the book. I on the other hand, was not presented that opportunity. It couldn’t have been that McLaren was holding a grudge for being named our Person of the Year in 2005… could it? Nah… he’s an emergent, forward-thinking Christian… no way!

In all fairness, knowing the way these things work, McLaren himself probably has no clue or control over who is getting copies of the book for review.

Well, as dissappointing as it is to not be considered as important a voice as Zeke and Brandon are in the blog world, my ego has suffered worst blows. In all honesty, I think there is a way to recover from this embarrasment.

I offer to write an unsolicited critical review of “The Secret Message of Jesus” here on the site. Much like Consumer Reports does in reviewing products, I will buy my own copy of McLaren’s book so as to not be swayed by his generosity. This will insure an unbiased and honest look at McLaren’s work.

So I am going to pick up the book tomorrow and pay full price (I am sure $20 or more) at my local Christian bookstore and get to the task at hand. If McLaren’s listening (or Tony if you want to pass this along), please know I will be fair and honest. You can feel free to link to my unsolicited review once it is posted. Better yet, you could come visit us on the podcast to discuss the book. Yeah, like that’ll ever happen.

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  1. So this is what its come to. Gas prices are so high that even the nearby X’n bookstores look more appealing than Barnes & Noble…If the truth be told, I looked for it at B&N. When I couldn’t find it, I went to “The Gospel Shop”, where, as it turns out, they do not stock any of the ‘heretical’ teachings of Brian McLaren. But they were running a special on ‘Good Morning Holy Spirit’, by Benny Hinn…I bought it online at

  2. Oh yes… Jeff… you are correct. I will be heading over to Barnes and Noble this morning to pick one up. I have no idea what I was thinking. But just in case they don’t have it, I might have to walk into the dark side.Zeke… that’s right, I forgot about that. You’re like the student that offers to do extra credit or clean the erasers after school… I had to laugh! And I would call Brian but I inadvertently deleted him from my speed dial….

  3. I, rather out of the blue, was asked to read the book. And, while I’m glad to have received my free copy (regular price you’ll be dropping 19.99, Steve), I’m not promising a positive review.A lot of what’s said is what I’ve written about for the past two years and isn’t a particular surprise to me. I like the book, mostly. But, I will have a thing or two to say about the arrogance and rhetoric of the term “Secret”. I suppose you’ll have to tune in to read about that.Anyway, Steve, you shouldn’t feel too snubbed. I’m relatively certain McLaren hasn’t a clue who I am, nor does he particularly care if I like his book. Really, I think his publicist is concerned with getting a link from more pages to the Amazon site with Brian’s book on it. (Which, for 19.99, I’m happy to oblige.) 😉

  4. Oh yeah… please, please, please don’t buy it at the X’n bookstore. Go to Barnes & Noble or Borders or something…Just because you’re saddened at the fact that your copy wasn’t free, it’s no reason to throw out < HREF="" REL="nofollow">your values<> and start assisting in the perpetuation of the X’n counterculture…imho

  5. Bought the book from the dark side…. it was closer then Barnes and Noble…. so much for my own sense of values. Of course those apparently were shot awhile back.So the reading commences.

  6. Brandon,Wait till you read one of the best ‘chapters’ in the book -the appendix titled “why didn’t we get it soon?” (thus the ‘secret’)–before you judge any arrogance. In addition possibly to clever marketing (can you say “Da Vinci Code the movie?) I think it will make a lot more sense after you read that appendix. Brilliant and v. helpful chapter.And for the record, like Zeke, I had seen the offer on Brian’s site of the free copies for those who wanted to blog (< HREF="" REL="nofollow">or in my case, podcast<>) about it. So even those Brian is an acquaintance, and I had the interview with him, I think it was actually because I wrote in.-Leif< HREF="" REL="nofollow"><>PS Steve, if you haven’t see < HREF="" REL="nofollow">this<>, it is HILARIOUS!

  7. Secret Knowledge….hmmm, that should automatically set on warning flags.I assume that McLaren is the keeper of all secret knowledge.Someone’s got a case of the Gnostics.

  8. I wrote to participate in the review copy offer after I read about it on McLaren’s site. Nobody asked me, anyway. But it boggles the mind how they missed making sure you guys were on their distribution list. You and Brian go way back, you should call him. That big lug owes you one.

  9. well. I read the book a while ago. and i still feel the aftershocks. amazing. bought two copies for friends.

  10. I’m reading it now. I like it.I’m about halfway through and there have been no real surprises, theologically. Jesus is missional, loves the poor and he isn’t a republican… same ol’ emergent party-line. No real ‘secret’ there. But I’m sure he’s saving the real controversial secret stuff for the end, so I anxiously await…Beyond that, his treatment of the subject of the ‘kingdom of God’ is excellent. He touches on some of the fluidity of the kingdom (versus rigid methodology) that so inspired me in “Searching for God Knows What” by Donald Miller.All-in-all I’d say it’s okay…

  11. Poor Steve. Ah, well, you can just join the group of nonwhite or nonmale bloggers who, incidentlally, were also passed over ont he publicist’s list!

  12. <>Zeke… that’s right, I forgot about that. You’re like the student that offers to do extra credit or clean the erasers after school… I had to laugh!<>1 email to publicist: <>$0.00<>1 review copy of book: <>$0.00<>Watching Steve drive to a Christian bookstore to plunk down $20: <>priceless.<>

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