A Very Stupid 40th Podcast

Our next podcast will be our 40th. It will be taped this Sunday, and Josh and I wanted to give you a heads up on what will be happening.

We have been thinking about what to do for our 40th podcast and something kind of fell into our laps that is quite appropriate to mark such a grand occasion. A little luck, a fortunate turn of events and some consistent legwork by Josh has landed us a very controversial and interesting guest.

On our next show, Josh and I will be locking horns (and I mean that possibly quite literally) with Shirley Phelps Roper, spokesperson of GodHatesFags.com. This group is famous for their multi-colored signs declaring such things as “God Hates Fags” (of course), “You’re Going to Hell”, “Too Late to Pray”, “God Hates You”, “Thank God for 9/11” and our personal favorite, “Your Pastor is a Whore”.

Shirley and her group have recently garnered national attention for their newfound passion of picketing the funerals of American soldiers who have died in Iraq with signs that say, “Thank God for Dead Soldiers”. Recently Shirley appeared on CNN and Fox News declaring her Christian beliefs that God rejoices everytime a dead soldier dies in Iraq. Hmph.

Seriously, can you think of a better way to celebrate our 40th episode? It should be full of stupidity for everyone involved. I just hope we make it through our planned hour with her before Josh’s head explodes.


20 thoughts on “A Very Stupid 40th Podcast”

  1. What’s funny is that I cannot think of a single statement that makes sense, if it starts with the phrase “God hates…”Maybe I can think of 1 or 2:– “God hates sin”, maybe?? (evangelically speaking)– probably, “God hates self-righteous hypocrisy”…– maybe “God hates being called a hater”…– or “God hates the fact that the very people He entrusted with His message are the very ones fu**ing it up”??? Yeah. I think that’s it!

  2. I’m not sure what the point of talking to someone so hate filled. No reasonable discussion of Christ or scripture will occur. What do they have against the soldiers in Iraq? Will you guys discuss US foreign policy as well. I cannot wait.

  3. Curious. I’d be fascinated to hear if their rhetoric is meant to be taken literally when they say things like “You’re going to hell” , or “Too late to pray.” I’d also be interested to hear her take on the ironic hypocrisy of their protesting against the military who die to protect her right to free speech.If you guys could ask a few of those questions, I’d love it!

  4. i agree that they’re fucked up in the head as well. and i also want to hit her.either way, bring it on, my pretties.*misses your podcast like a light bulb waiting in a dark room* 😉

  5. In addition to their sites godhatesamerica.com and godhatescanada.com they also have a site called godhatessweden.com. That makes me proud, if they hate us, Sweden must be a good country.

  6. Oh Hell Yes!… Please pass on my “fuck you” to those bastards. I sincerely hope that God has a very special plan for those assholes.

  7. If you guys are true-to-form, I give her about 20 minutes before she hangs up…If she really does believe the Bible, my queston for her would be, why focus on the hatred of God, when Jesus clearly loved sinners, whether they “repented of their sins” or not…

  8. Of course they’re happy about soldiers dying in Iraq. I mean, out of the 2000 or so that’ve perished over the course of the war, some of them were probably gay.Anyway, I’m thinking you may be locking horns quite a bit. And, IMO, she and her family are waaay beyond being Stupid Church People. They’re more like Psychotic Church People.

  9. Actually, guys, I think that what you should do, on second thought, is let her rant for like 10 or 15 minutes uninterrupted. Unfortunately, she has a complete inability to answer a question.Then, try the “What are your sins?” question. She won’t answer.Fucking nazi.

  10. dang, you guys got a groupie. : )make sure that she knows that King James was gay. that should be an interesting fact.oh, maybe ask her what the definition of “pharisee” is?find out how much money they spend on signs and advertising and then how much they spend on the homeless and poverty?find out what color Jesus was?why do they thank God for september 11th? that doesn’t make much sense. oops . . .sorry, used “sense” and “action of the Phelps’ group” in the same sentence.

  11. This should be revealing to say the least. I’ve never heard anybody from Phelps’ group interviewed before. I just can’t imagine what good can come from them having an outlet for their garbage. It will expose more people to their nuttieness, but at the same time they might think they’re actually having an impact because people are finally paying attention to their “truth”.

  12. Zeke I don’t know if Jesus did hate the fags. I mean just a casual reading the bible could paint Jesus as being gay too. Let’s look at the facts. He never married, He spent alot of time surrounded by 12 guys. The one woman who is mentioned, is now suspected of being his wife and bearing Him children, but to alot of Christians that idea is pure blasphemy. So maybe there’s more to this whole Jesus not being married thing after all. Steve, ask her if it’s possible that Jesus Himself was gay, based upon what I outlined above. That would get her out of that studio in record time, I suspect.

  13. Wow! You guys are up there with CNN! If you ever need an interview with a non-controversial, no-named person, just let me know.

  14. This sounds like it’s going closer to 4th of July rather than an April fools prank. Good luck. I hope you don’t expect to change the mind of an insane person. I would suggest that you bait her. Try to get her to go beyond the insanity that she’s already espoused. See if you can get God to strike her dead on the spot. I’ll pay for the clean up!

  15. The thing that seems missing in all the Westboro rhetoric is Jesus. They appear to take their whole message from the Levitical texts, but nowhere attempt to reconcile the law to Christ’s message of love. I think my question would be “What about Jesus?”

  16. She was on Hannity & Colmes recently. < HREF="http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=37512789&blogID=116961514&Mytoken=3C066CD9-A703-4CAD-BA719226B4D0DE32399295078" REL="nofollow">Check it out<>.

  17. The Spirit would never contradict Himself. Therefore, Jesus hated fags too.Seriously, can you imagine Jesus stoning a homosexual?These people are off their rockers.

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