18 thoughts on “Bull or Matador?”

  1. As my illustrius advisor used to say, “You’ve just got to take the bull by the balls and run with it”. Now that creates a funny visual.

  2. It’s a relatively fatalistic view of life considering that the bull is pretty much doomed anyway…notice the profuse bleeding on the bulls neck…I’d rather be the matador for sure. He’ll live…I’ve always heard it say that life is a $#!^ Sandwhich and every day is another bite. It’s just that some days there is enough good things going on to mask the taste a little…

  3. It occurs to me that even the days you think you’re the bull, you’re still getting stabbed so that you bleed to death…your future is basically a bigass Spanish bar-b-que.How’s that for a shiny happy thought of the day.

  4. Sometimes you’re the pigeon, sometimes the statue…A question I asked this week; if we can make crummy architecture and people will buy it because they really don’t know the difference, is the joke on them or on us (the architects)?

  5. Steve, if it makes you feel any better, I don’t feel like the bull or the matador. I feel like the guy sitting back, laughing my ass off at that idiot in the silly hat getting de-balled by a bull…

  6. Yeah, but “Bigass Spanish Bar-b-que” has such a nice ring to it.I mean, at least it has a cool literary device going for it.

  7. I can relate. Honestly. I think I’m the bull, but before I know it, the matador got me.The way I sum it up is that sometimes I just feel like utter crap.I hope all is well, Steve.

  8. OK, so the issue here is that sometimes you feel like an animal being ritually stabbed to death for entertainment and sometimes you feel like a spandex-clad man whose reproductive potential has been severely curtailed. Gotcha.Though the other thing still comes to mind.

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