The Obligatory “Da Vinci Code” Post

So here are my thoughts on “The Da Vinci Code” movie….everyone has an opinion, I feel I should share mine.

1) It’s only a movie… it’s meant to be entertaining whether it was or wasn’t…so all of the Christians that think the “Christian Faith” hangs in the balance need to chill. (SIDEBAR: I’m banking that most that hold this view about Da Vinci Code also believe that marriage is under attack because gays want to make life commitments to each other. If you haven’t noticed straight marriages have been messed up for years and it has nothing to do with the so-called “gay agenda”.)

2) If your Christian Faith can be shaken, damaged or altered by a movie, book, work of art, song, philosophical principle, website, blog or Eddie and Eddie over at Edge of Faith… it wasn’t much of a faith to begin with now was it.

3) If anything like a movie, book, work of art, song, etc causes you to examine, evaluate, investigate and even question what you believe… or dare I say doubt what you believe… it’s a blessing not a curse.

4) On one hand, some Christians disdain movies like “The Da Vinci Code”… yet embrace fictional movies like Chronicles of Narnia and Passion of the Christ (passing out tickets and inviting friends to talk about it in small groups)…. to me there is such an inconsistency in the whole thing it is laughable. Hey SCP… you can’t have it both ways.

5) Finally… I didn’t really want to write about the Da Vinci Code at all… but I am just hoping for a really high volume comment count and an opportunity for us all to chase a hell of a lot of rabbits.

So it is written, so shall it be done!

36 thoughts on “The Obligatory “Da Vinci Code” Post”

  1. I’m happy you wrote about’ DaVinci’ because it let’s me recycle my post from!Christians aren’t the only ones upset with this movie apparently:‘The Da Vinci Code’ Under Fire from Albinos,2933,195741,00.htmlNow there’s a demographic you don’t want to piss off.I have not read the book, but I’ve heard the rhetoric before; “Life of Brian”, “The Last Temptation of Christ”. Been there, done that. I think “Life of Brian” is pretty funny, and I’m sure that I’m not going to hell because of that.I mentioned to a friend who is a pastor that I’ve heard that many Christians are reading the book and believing it to be true (I’m not sure what part of the word “fiction” they don’t understand). He said that we live in a “very historically and theologically illerate time.” Bingo.

  2. nonotone – cool enough. vent it.from your profile, i see that you’re into reformed theology.(shameless plug here)check out my smart friend dan on my blog.

  3. I am gay and happy [most of the time] except when you bloody christian types go wittering on about gat people because you are so jeolus of happy people.Just because you hero worship a guy,[nearly said gay!] who was tortured is no excuse to constanly make people die by torture.[see Iraq]I have read the da vino code and thought it was badly written but it does show that most bloody christians worship the tortured guy and that [to veer off] most torture is done by bloody christians.Think Iraq – think Auschwitz – think Inqusition – think crusades – ………et al.

  4. I went to see the Da Vinci Code today, sadly X Men 3 was showing so I went to see that instead…and thats all I can say on the matter..if you go and see it stay till the credits end, there is one more scene…XMen that is, not Da Vinci Code.

  5. yeah, so what if michaelangelo painted the sistine chapel. where’s your historical document to prove it?(heh heh)so the mona lisa, that one actually started out as a painting of a rabbit in a dress. then somebody Warner said, “uhm, Da dude, it would work better if it was, like, a girl. you should work on this rabbit fettish” (Warner had ulterior motives) so davinci took a break and painted “a stary night” to think about it.and you people about divorce: there are more reasons to why people get divorced than you covered and you advice doesn’t cover them. what’s really interesting is that i think there were arranged marriages in the bible times. maybe we should just go back to that.

  6. I’m a Christian and I’m gonna see the movie instead of spending one $ on yet another frigging “Christian junk book” telling me how bad The Da Vinci Code is.It won’t shake my faith a bit because I don’t believe that I produced “my” faith to start with. It was a work of God’s God grace through the Holy Spirit!I love mystery, drama, history, investigation, and antiquity – so The Da Vinic sounds like my kinda flickster.

  7. Good post. I think almost all of us have our obligatory Da Vinci Code post out of the way…I think Jeff at Demerging is one of the few hold-outs.

  8. I think its safe to say that, when the dust settles, this will have the same effect as other arts that “threatened the existence of Christianity” such as “The Last Temptation of Christ,” Marilyn Manson, and other problems. When will the SCPs realize that America is NOT a Christian nation and the only way to change the nation is from the inside-ou?.

  9. you know, the nun had a rabbit when she was a kid. not one with “big huge pointy teeth”, though.i bet davinci painted a rabbit. probably just kept it to himself. his little 2d friend he would talk to. probably up on the scaffold with him in the sistine chapel.

  10. Perty funny huh! Words, words, words and their meaning across tiime. Here’s a < HREF="" REL="nofollow">great little anecdote<> about logic and the meanings of words.

  11. I will probably wait for DVC to come out on DVD. I like the conspiracy theme, but of course, I believe in UFO’s and that there was a second shooter in JFK’s assissnation.

  12. First, to the commenter who addressed me: I’m not an idiot. I know what the movie was called. But my comments stand. IMO, there is also “passion” in what Christ taught; but, to me, the movie focused too much on his death and very little on everything else (just one little scene with Christ on the Beatitudes).Second, to Erin, like I said, I don’t really care about this, either.Last I should point out that I’m also a SCP–only, for me, the “S” stands for “skeptical” instead of “stupid”.

  13. Hey Shelly, I agree with you. I thought that the Passion left me feeling empty. I also didn’t understand that the passion ment just the suffering part and not the message. The movie that I really love is “The Gospel of John” The people that made the movie tried to make it as close as possible to the Bible. Most people have never even heard of it. The real story of Jesus life is so wonderful, and interesting, it seems almost silly to me that people feel the need to make things up. I have absolutely no desire to see Da Vinci Code. And the more money they make the less I feel like I might be missing anything. Lemmings!

  14. … and I might add that Shirley Phelps Roper-around-her-ass’ rant on D&R on your recent Podcast is complete inflammatory bullshit and she outta keep her mouth shut and stay the hell outta of other folk’s pain. There ain’t a person on this planet who has been divorced (OK maybe those who don’t have a conscience) that thinks it’s any kind of ideal or that it somehow pleases God. Divorce is eff’d and it only happens because one spouse (or both) will not value the marriage enough to stop thinking, feeling, speaking, and behaving like a complete ass clown with regard to the other spouse. Ya don’t need a fucking high-priced femi-nazi “psychotherapist” to figure your marriage bullshit out either. It just takes the following, with the exception of someone abusing their spouse (then it should be over unless the abused has incredible mercy and it NEVER THE FUCK happens again).1) Realization that everyone is fucked up and so are you.2) Understanding the getting divorced is far more costly than valuing your spouse and pouring your life into them (and responding in kind).3) Making your marriage the most important thing in your life (next to God I guess …. but I don’t really differentiate)4) Taking plenty of time and money to bless each other in a multitude of practical ways.5) Having plent of sex and learning to please each other.

  15. hey, arranged marriages work for a whole host of folk from India that I know too and they are Hindus.Seriously, I generalized a lot in the last posts on Divorce. You have to understand that what I said relates largely to my experience with the the Fundamentalist Christian context. I personally value marriage a great deal and I believe that this is informed by the Bible. I’m sure there are many reasons other than what I spewed out as to why folks divorce. I’m not looking for a fight here. Already had plenty of that from fundy-Christians which I suspect you are not.

  16. Michelangelo was evil. So is divorce. Unless, of course, it is a divorce from gay marriage because they no longer wish to be gay.

  17. I’ve got you all beat. I blogged about this way back in < HREF="" REL="nofollow">February<>. (please excuse the wonky code).So there! (pbbbbbt!) :p<>Sorry that you took the comment as a slight on your intelligence.<>Oh come on, that’s not a real apology! You can’t apologize for how someone else “took” something!

  18. Personally, I think all people who see the DaVinci Code are going to hell!That movie is pure evil. And I pray for you Steve Chastain, and all who entertain it’s deceitfulness. May your hearts not be scourged by the evil that lurks within the pure evilness.Just like our beloved President, George W. Bush says, it’s the axis of evil!May the love of God keep you from that evil movie.

  19. <>(SIDEBAR: I’m banking that most that hold this view about Da Vinci Code also believe that marriage is under attack because gays want to make life commitments to each other. If you haven’t noticed straight marriages have been messed up for years and it has nothing to do with the so-called “gay agenda”.)<>… yep, in the last 50 years Christian Fundamentalism has had its day in America with the whole Christian Divorce/Remarriage (D&R) boondoggle. Have things really gotten any better? Hell no! The folks who are “destined” to get divorces do it. Why? because they are sinners, da, JUST LIKE THE REST OF US – but they happen to be sinners who in some way broke covenant with their spouse, for a whole host of reasons that mostly have to do with be fucked up. I’m a child of D&R and I’m D&R. Because of the bullshit adgenda that “the Chruch” has foisted on my conscience, I’ve just about wanted to end it all a couple of times (long ago). I’ve spent 100’s of hours analyzing, stressing over, feeling guilty, etc. simply because I’ve been divorced. Well, butt-munch (me) get over it! Either Christ has forgiven me or He hasn’t. If He has not then I’d might as well enjoy what’s left of my sorry ass here on earth because it’ll be cook’in in the next life.The EvanJelly/Fundy-take on D&R is bullshit period. It rarely helps save marriages. Instead, marriages are saved when the folks who in them decide to value each other so much that what ever has happen in the past is not worth causing any more pain to the other party. Then you clear your calendar, stop wasting time on bullshit stuff (including “over-Churching”), spend a lot of time loving and caring for one another in practical ways, and return to boinking each other silly as often as possible.What in the eff does this have to do with effing Da Vinic code? How in the hell should I know, but it makes for a good rant. Millions of $$’s are raked in each year in the name of Christian “Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage, etc.” teaching. Fellow followers of Jesus nearly claw out each others’ eyes over this subject on on-line forums and Amazon reviews. Let’s leave it the fuck alone. The are too many people whose souls are already nearly destoryed over this bullshit.

  20. Ok, I just saw The Da Vinci code. I thought the cinematography was incredible and the sreen play so-so. Tom Hanks has definitely acted better in his life. Audrey Tautou, is, well, JUST DARLING and her demure persona as Sophie Neveu really help make her character larger than life. Paul Bettany’s character <>Silas<> is haunting and sadistic. A sensitive child or adult will probably want to avoid this flick for this reason alone. It’s one thing for <>The Passion<> to portray Christ’s flagellation at the hands of Roman lictors. It’s quite another to see an ascetic priest from an extreme ‘cultic’ (fictional?) Roman Catholic order inflict this upon himself.As far as the general premise goes, it did nothing to shake my faith and I don’t believe (but then again I believe that God is sovereign in His elective decree) that this movie will “prevent” anyone from coming to Christ. It is at best a clever work of fiction and as such would not be grounds for any credible historical argument against the Christian faith. History seems to be replete with revisionists, but to lay many of the atrocities of the ages at the feet of the basic premise of Christianity as represented in the cannonical New Testament is simply absurd. Human kind has proven its own depravity again and again. Certainly, for every person killed in the name of Christ and at the hands of “the Church”, countless have been blessed and helped by the Jesus presented in the 27 books of the cannonical New Testament. Christ is presently exhalted at God’s right hand, ruling His kingdom in the glory, majesty, and sovereignty bestowed upon Him by His Father alone -and His kindom was not established by an eartly blood line that He progenated through Mary Magdalene.

  21. c.l., what one this site or, more spcifically, this post, are you referring to?glad to see that commenters still read other stuff on a site to understand what it’s about before commenting.

  22. What I find funny is this, that we are actually talking about people who think this will bring out some kind of curse on the church.In my opinion, I think the church is already cursed….(Oh Brotha, if thou can giveth thou moneith to thy churcha, thou will be blesseda by Goda).I know this is to late, but it would ahve been a brilliant idea last weekend….boycott those that are boycotting the film.We could have all showed up at the theaters, drinking and calling them stupid. Would have been a great time.

  23. ummm… I think Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel.And as historical record has it, Michelangelo had with him on the scaffolding, an invisible friend named Bart.

  24. Sorry that you took the comment as a slight on your intelligence. Just pointing out that “Passion” in this particular context specifically refers to the events around the crucifixion … hence “Passion Week” or “Passion Plays”.

  25. <>When will the SCPs realize that America is NOT a Christian nation and the only way to change the nation is from the inside-ou?.<>Or the inside-out? 😉 Probably never. They’ve been believing that lie for so long, reprogramming their minds would take too much work. (There are, more likely than not, exceptions to this, of course.)Anyway, I personally don’t give a crap about <>The DaVinci Code<>. I’ll gladly address the points, though…1) Yep, they do.2) *nods* again.3) I can relate to that…sort of. (Let’s just say, in that regard, I don’t recommend trying to convert little kids to Christianity.)4) Don’t forget <>Lord of the Rings<>! They praised that one, too. *nod* Anyway, I totally agree. I haven’t seen <>Narnia<> but have seen <>The Passion<> (aka <>Mel Gibson’s Crucifixion Obsession Extravaganza<>). I didn’t like it. Too much emphasis on Christ’s death, too little on his teachings, IMO.5) Well, unless someone commented while I was typing this, mine is the 14th comment on this post, so you’re well on your way! 🙂

  26. I guess my answers are going to qualify me as a SCP. Still you wouldn’t want a Blog read by people who agree with everything you say, would you?1) You seem to go in for caricature a lot. Don’t think that 1 film will cause the downfall of Christianity or cause the faith to hang in the balance. However films do have a cumulative effect on the culture … the backwash on the cultural canvas. Yours is the same sort of argument we hear all the time … “Well I’ve watched porn and I’m not a rapist/murderer etc”.2) My faith isn’t going to be shaken. But the confidence of conspiracy theorists will probably be bolstered. And for a whole lot of other people boundaries will have been blurred.3) I agree (with some constraints!)4) Difference between DVC and the others you mention is the deliberate blurring of fact & fiction in DVC. And why can’t we have it both ways (opportunity for innuendo for those so inclined)? Why can’t we encourage/promote/utilise those things that are potentially advantageous and do the opposite to those that aren’t? Incidentally Shelly, reason it emphasised the Christ’s death is because it was called the “Passion of Christ” not the “Life of Christ” … the clue was in the title all along!5) Doh … I took the bait. Guess I really am a SCP! ;o)

  27. To set the record straight recovering, I am so far ahead of the curve, I started < HREF="" REL="nofollow">bitching about all this<> months ago.🙂

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