The Podcast is Coming!!

One if by land and two if by sea

And there on your iPod our Podcast will be

Josh will be there and I will be too

I think he will be drunk from way too much brew

So tune in tomorrow or the day after that

Did you know too much soda and beer make you fat

update 06/13/06


15 thoughts on “The Podcast is Coming!!”

  1. There once was two men from caliin podcasts and brew they did dallyone was named Steve,one was called Joshthey messed with stupid church people, o my gosh!

  2. There once was two men from CaliIn podcasts and brew they did dallyOne was named Steve,The other called JoshI found them up on Podcast Alley!

  3. “heeheehee”???Somebody spent too much time at Philly Pride last weekend…(just kidding, my heterosexually-challenged brothers and sisters… 🙂

  4. Don’t think Steve is just a big liarWhose soul is now doomed to hellfire.This bandwidth ain’t freeTo come up with the fee,He’s had to put Josh out for hire.

  5. < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Even diet soda makes you fat<>. But most consumables have the capacity to.

  6. Of poetry, Jeff’s had his fillMeter and rhyme, no pleasure instillSo get on the stickDeliver it quickBenny Hinn… what a prick.

  7. Diary – Day 2It’s now been two days since Steve told us the new podcast would be out. Still nothing. I’ve not left my computer since he said ” The Podcast is Coming!!” No food, no water, no podcast. I’m not sure I can hold out much longer. I’m beginning to hallucinate, although that may be from the beer. Hey, I said no water, I never said no beer.

  8. Now Steven, he drinks like a gal.Not brewskies, like his bosom pal.So we wait for a ‘cast,While they’re drunk off their ass,This isn’t so good for morale.But patient we’ll be, Steve and Josh,Cause you’re funny as hell when you’re sloshed.For a topic, you search?Podcast from a church!Just drink lots and lots of mouthwash.

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