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Josh and I get several email letters a week from people who come from all over the world, all walks of life, all manner of faiths and all at various points of their journeys. I am always interested to read their stories and hear their points of view and insights. Some are encouraging, some challenge me, some inspire me and then there are those rare and chosen few that just outdo themselves.

Here’s one such selection of the special people that send us their love from time to time:

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33 thoughts on “Fan Mail”

  1. <>Out out spawn of stupid!<>The Pete makes me laugh. 🙂This person is full of it, IMO. Of course, by “it”, I mean “shit”. 😉 It seems to me like they’ve never read either of your blogs at any length; otherwise, they’d know you both still love Christ but have a massive problem with the church (small-c, as in the organization) and even with some members of the Church (big-C, as in Christ’s body).<>I sure hope Jesus isn’t still on the cross. If he is, I guess I could always go check out the Buddha. Man, that would have been a few wasted years.<>Hee! I hope not, either. If he is, then I <>can<> become a Deist after all! Yay! 😉(Yes, I know about the resurrection, too. Appparently, the author of the email forgot about that part.)

  2. “You are being tormented by a demon.”Call me crazy, but that sounds like an introduction to me. (Cliff notes translation: “I’m a demon, and I’m here to fuck with you.”)“Stupid Church People (Christians)”NO!!! Christians are, by definition, Followers of Christ, not Followers of a man-molested-religiously-infested distortion of Christs’ church on earth. As Shelly so aptly pointed out: educate yourself before you bare your ignorant ass to the world idiot!She rebukes the demon (which we now know to be herself) by the word of her testimony??? What the hell does that mean? That her right-wing-neo-zealeous-conservative lifestyle gives her magical demon repellant powers? That’s awesome! I mean, I’m genuienly envious of her. I think I might join Jeb Bushs’ campaign and go beat the shit out of a few of “the gays” (just for good measure). This lady/demon is really on to something…AAAAhhhhh, (scuffle, scuffle) (POW!!) (BANG!!) (POOOF!!)OUT DEMON!!!! FLEE, in the name of SCP, I rebuke thee!!!!Holy shit!!! Did you guys just see what happened? She posessed me. This whole demon thing is no joke people. They are sneaky bastards that will lure you in with their sultry distortions of truth.So, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go and buy a new bottle of Lysol and some Fly-Strips for the cross. In this heat that Jesus can get pretty darn ripe.Keep on building it up, so they can tear it down. I’ve got to go remind Jesus that his agonizing death and eternal decaying confinment to the cross wasn’t a mistake.

  3. <>“He has a purpose for you – to build the body of Christ up – not tear it down”<><>“Do you suppose that I came to grant peace on earth? I tell you, no, but rather division; for from now on five members in one household will be divided, three against two and two against three.”…<> -Jesus

  4. I believe this person was a Baptist, or wanting to be likeone….he heMaybe even some sort of Pentecostal, since they have that “demon” thang goin sometimes….Yea….a Bapticostal.

  5. Steve, you show such restraint in not including the sender’s e-mail address in your post.I’ve been listening to the past potcasts, now that I finally have the time, and I must say that I wish this person had rebuked the demon of farts from you and Josh. Your lives must be so opressed…and stinky.

  6. But I think I understand his point of view. It makes totally logical sense to him (or her). He can’t see how life shouldn’t fall into easily definable categories, like politics, science or anything else in our western society, and therefore he feels free to assign you to one. The idea of relationship-based religion, or a religion based on God’s presence rather than answers to life’s questions (despite the fact that Jesus is our best example), doesn’t transcend our cultural paradigm. This guy’s not a bad person (necessarily), but he doesn’t see how you could disagree with him unless the aforementioned demon has blinded you. He’s just on a different wavelength entirely. I propose his logical god isn’t big enough to be the real One. If you’re interested, I expand on my opinion < HREF="" REL="nofollow">here.<>

  7. “Jesus is still hanging on the cross”, hopeing He didn’t make a mistake. ?I thought that sounded a bit Catholic to me, I don’t know but that part just sounded wrong. It’s too bad that you get this kind of mail, but you guys are kind of asking for it. The “Body of Christ” or the Church is trying to do the best they can. Ya they do stupid things, but that is not what they want to do. You said it your self Steve, your job is to point and laugh at the stupid, nothing more. Teacher, the students have snatched the pebble from your hand.

  8. So your reckless lifestyle includes not eating meat?And Jesus is still hanging on the cross?I’m doomed for Purgatory.

  9. Well, it sure <>sounded<> spiritual. It disturbs me when Christians try to mimic Paul. Always ends up sounding really weird.

  10. > “You have refused to eat meat…”But fortunately, you’re still beating it. Stored up testosterone is bad for you.> He doesn’t change and never will disappoint.I love the extreme non-reality of this statement and the fervent rigidness. If Heaven is full of fucktards like the idiot who wrote you that e-mail (which we @ OC rarely get ’cause we’re the suck compared to SCP) then who would WANT to go?Apparently you guys changed the RSS feed at some point and I completely missed it… so I’ve been literally missing the goodness of SCP for the past couple of months. Damn it.

  11. Funny I got an email similar to this one, except I was called gay because I am mid 20’s and not seeing anyone.Gotta love it.

  12. If I knew all it would take to get on the front page is to make an ass of my self, I would have done that a long time ago. Making an ass of myself is my spiritual gift!

  13. You’d think with all that scripture abusing the moron would realize that Jesus better not be still hanging on the cross.But she is right about one thing – you guys are throwing a temper tantrum… albeit not without reason, intelligence or charm.Besides SCP wouldn’t be great without its soiree of tantrums from all over the world. This email horseshit included.hugs and kisses,DSW

  14. “You have refused to eat meat…”I’m trying to decide whether this is a slam against vegetarians or a lame use of the “spiritual meat vs. spiritual milk” argument.Either way, it’s full of love.

  15. Oh that was a piece of classic literature right out of the vaults of ‘your going to hell!’. Nothing better than being told what your not doing and being called someone who regressed back to the age of a 2 year old child, who oddly enough is ‘going to hell!’. It’s not that your questioning is leading to some enlightenment but apparently it’s leading into the hands of satan and tearing down the church in the process, the same one these people in the e-mail attend where the messge ‘your going to hell!’ is a cornerstone. Man I had to laugh at that piece of art.That 2nd paragraph really speaks volumnes ‘Jesus has always been the way, the truth, and the life. He doesn’t change and never will disappoint. Turn your hearts from this reckless and destructive lifestyle, and recommit your life to him’. Who’s going home justified tonight?

  16. And here’s how they turn a perfectly good theory into ranting Faschism…..What if… by Aaron Summers, Baptist Messenger Aug. 10, 2006Have you ever wondered how much money could be recorded on one Sunday if everyone chose to give 10 percent of their income? Have you ever considered what that total could be?Staggering.If you consider the national average is that 20 percent of the people of the people provide 80 percent of the expenses, then it would be staggering. If we were to think highly of ourselves and say 50 percent are providing for the expenses of our church, then it is staggering what could be accomplished.I am not talking about a special offering. I am not talking about a fund-raising event. I am simply referring to the biblical FACT that we as believers are to give 10 percent of our income back to God through the local church. We live under the guise of a MYTH that we cannot afford to tithe.The FACT is that God will not bless a non-tither but will bless those who tithe. The FACT is that Jesus Himself said He was not abolishing the commands from the Old Testament; therefore, the tithe is still in effect.What if we set aside a day-one day-that everyone would commit to tithe on their income? How much would be given? Aren’t you curious? Don’t you wonder? I must confess, I do, but not for the reasons you might think. I desire for each of us to live with integrity and tithe. I desire that this church see her potential ministry perspective if we would all tithe. I desire to see the Kingdom of God grow, and quite frankly, it takes money. The ministries that God would unfold are too numerous to count if we would commit.Aaron SummersPastor, First Baptist Church of Perry601 7th StreetPerry, Ok. 73077Phone: (580)336-2282 (voice)Phone: (580)336-2506 (fax)This guy needs a clue…. or a bigger paycheck, methinks it’s the latter….

  17. <>He has a purpose for you — to build the body of Christ up… <>Did anyone ask me? Because I usually feel uplifted by Steve and Josh. There are concepts that are hiding in the dark corners of my mind — afraid of the beast that is my misconception of what church is, and what Church should be. They remain alive on the words of those of us who are struggling… like my friends Steve and Josh.You are fulfilling God’s purpose by gravitating and glorifying Him.Gorsh… I like you guys. In a totally non-sexual platonic way… As friends.

  18. beautiful, man. just guys must really have the anointing to elicit blessings. from blatant heretics, all seriousness, i think GOD’s wanting me to learn how to have a better relationship with these nauseating clowns. circus performers HE did hang–past tense–on the cross for, too. with patience and compassion, they too may come to find CHRIST.sinc, frank saint, v2

  19. Steve, It’s obvious you’re under spiritual attack. It’s just not from a demon or some other type of evil spirit. Although I guess we could think of this person that way, since they’re demonizing you! heheheheChristians know more about how to hurt people than any fallen angel ever could. Think about it. Our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, depending upon how close we’ve let them get to us, know all our weaknesses, they know where the chinks in our spiritual armor are, and they know just how to make us feel like shit, when we fall short of what they think we should be as a Christian. With friends like that who needs an enemy like a demon. A demon pales in comparison to today’s Christian!To the author of the email:I rebuke you in the name of Christ for your actions. How dare you pass judgement and criticize a worker of the Lord Jesus Christ! Shame on you! We all are called to do the Lord’s work, some of us are just called to the dirty work, the jobs nobody wants, but still need to be done. Like exposing the hypocrisy of the church. Back to Sinner’s Row with you I say!!!Ugh!

  20. I would like to know exactly where in the Bible it says we should give 10%. I believe in giving to the church but the best Biblical arguement I know for giving is from the Old Testament and it totals to more like 20%. It is interesting that someone says we are expected to give 10%. …… and what was the point of changing the subject to tithing?

  21. I like this one . . .”Jesus is still hanging from the cross”what the fuck? wait, can i use “fuck”?I sure hope Jesus isn’t still on the cross. If he is, I guess I could always go check out the Buddha. Man, that would have been a few wasted years. I think there’s a word this reader is missing . . .could it be “resurrection”?(which acutually makes me think of the little note of “Click to enlarge”)I rebuke this tormenting email! Out out spawn of stupid!

  22. Soo have we determined if this person is a He or a She??? – Seems to be conflicting ideas here. Maybe its a SHEHE?

  23. Many are familiar with the scripture where the demons who were legion were cast out of the man into the pigs that ran into the sea. Lesser known was the scripture where the demons who were stupid were cast out of the man into pigs, who then ran for office.

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