Days Gone By

I am sharing these pictures because this date always makes me think about my family. I miss those days gone by but also cherish them for the wonderful memories they have given me.

Dad, Mom, Mike, Kathy… Mamma and Daddy Smith…. aunts, uncles and cousins…. all of those dreadful, wonderful summer trips to Alabama…

I love you all.

Mom and Dad

Kathy, Dad, Mike and Me

Kathy and Me

Mom and Kids

Kathy, Dad and Me

The Cousins with Daddy and Mamma Smith

The Family at the Big People Table

5 thoughts on “Days Gone By”

  1. i remember seeing that photo of your dad with the brightest smile like nothing will ever go wrong.Cheers to Bill.

  2. Thanks for sharing these pictures Steve. Are you allowed to sit at the big people’s table, yet?Happy birthday, Bill.

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