Hey Everybody….


I have been writing for the past hour about how to address my feelings on this site as it currently stands….and I just erased it all, not sure what to say.

For now I am simply nauseated by what I read in the comments section of the past two posts.

Yeah… I never thought I would prevent comments on this site…. but I am now.

Some of you sicken me…

Go back to DOING what you felt was really important. You think what we DO here isn’t important, so stop coming here and telling your friends to come visit our site. Get back to DOING what you FEEL is so important to enhance God’s Kingdom. You have wasted enough of your precious time here. You could be reaching lost people or healing people or teaching or equipping or whatever it is that you actually DO…. instead of spending your time commenting over and over again here, trying to rebuke and correct us reprobates. Remember, there is nothing important happening here…. we are selfish, egotistical, immature, rude, obnoxious, pretentious and egotistical (or did I already say that). SO why waste your time here… you obviously have more important things to DO. So go DO it.

So for now Stupid Church People has gone the way of Tony Jones, Brian McLaren and the other great Emerging Church leaders…. for now this conversation is closed.

But those of you that are interested… please keep coming. We’ve still got some things to say. And we don’t want anyone to talk. Just listen.


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