11 thoughts on “And on the Tenth Day…”

  1. Soo this is what you wanted? An opinonless place where people tell you how wonderful your thoughts are. No challenges or opposite opinions to think through. Sounds alot like church to me.

  2. Just like with a driver’s license….it is a privilege not a right.The same with commenting on the really really stupid church people’s blog.NOW DON’T YOU FORGET IT!😉~~~I left town and stop reading blogs and when I get back the whole place was shut down. I feel like I missed out on something big….damn

  3. Comments back, world more normal now, clones not taking over the world, sun is shining and grass is greener, all is well in Mudville.

  4. Steve please accept me into the fantasy football league, I am good you’ll see, you’ll all see, then we’ll all see if we can worship me. I keed I keed, please I love NFL.

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