SCP Fantasy Football

Ok everyone… I know it’s late to offer this but I thought I would give it a go. Anyone else out there into Fantasy Football?? Well I have been playing for about five years now and I always have fun. It’s a good mix of competition, camaraderie, and old-fashioned smack-talking.

It’s especially fun to play with knowledgeable players, the kind that take the league seriously, but don’t take themselves too seriously. I have been in good leagues and bad leagues. So, of course, what I am hoping to form here is a good league. It’ll give those of us that play a chance to regularly interact and get to know one another in a different venue.

So here’s what we are going to do… if you are interested in playing in a competitive but fun fantasy football league, email me at immediately and let me know. Initially I am looking to try and get a total of 12 team owners together who will commit to playing this season.

So what’s the cost? There will be an entry fee of $60 to play but listen to this… the League Champion will receive $200 in prize money, and more importantly, the Stupid Church People Fantasy Football League Championship Trophy. In addition, there will be plenty of other prize money given out for the runner-up team, playoff teams, and weekly prizes as well.

So email me now because we need to get going today. Our draft will need to happen very soon and will most likely be handled live (it’s more fun that way) via an online interface and Gizmo (if we can make it all work out). I will take everyone on a first-come basis and then we will go from there.

Comments are turned off for this post because I need you to email me if you want to play. If you email me you must be serious about playing, about paying the $60 entry fee, and commit to finishing the season and giving it your best even if your team struggles at times (nothing is worse than an owner that quits or dumps his team after losing a few games).

Email me at NOW to get signed up!

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