You had to be there (I guess)

The next two or three posts will be change of pace posts…. nothing too serious. Just some short observations.

OK, so here’s the first one.

Am I becoming that old guy that thinks he’s funny but he’s not?

That’s my fear. You know the guy that says a joke in the midst of a group of friends or co-workers and noone laughs, so he tells it again, and no one laughs the second time.

God that sucks.

Help me Jesus.


3 thoughts on “You had to be there (I guess)”

  1. Anyone can extract a few yucks from a crowd of sheep, but only the truly talented can master the art of ackward silence*.It is in fact one of the spiritual gifts if I’m not mistaken… at least that’s what I heard on Benny’s show the other week.* reference the original BBC television show “the Office”

  2. lowendaction: lolSteve, I often find myself becoming that person…when with stupid church people.but maybe that’s just me being mean.

  3. I know the feeling and I have a really dry sense of humour too, so no one ever really laughs at my jokes. Sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curseHang in there, we’re all praying for you 🙂

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