The picture on the right is a screen capture from a video I saw today featuring a rather spectacular motorcycle crash. It’s from one of those X-Games competitions where these ballsy guys jump from these enormous ramps vaulting themselves 50 feet into the air and along the way perform flips and tricks that seem to defy gravity. However, the young man in this picture is about to find out that gravity is very, very real.

If you watch the video you will hear the commentators describe how this stunt took a dangerous turn. They show in slow motion that the rider had a moment of indecision in the middle of the trick. As he launches himself in the air, he is prepared to do one trick (a superman, which entails grabbing the seat of the motorcycle while stretching out behind) but then in a moment of doubt he tries to regrab the handlebars but can’t reach them. At that point you can see him stretch and try to grab the seat again but by that time the bike was out of reach. In that very moment, you can almost observe this young man seriously try his last and only option – learning how to fly.

But fly he doesn’t, and in the end gravity takes it’s toll on his body as he comes crashing to the ground. Fortunately for him the end result was reportedly only a broken femur.

Any way you look at it, indecision is a bummer. Make a decision one way or the other, but if you hesitate, the choice may be made for you. Either way you slice it, you have to live with the consequences. And you can’t expect a miracle to bail you out.

8 thoughts on “Indecision”

  1. A better time for indecision would have been before he got on the bike!Even better yet to have made the decision not to have ever riddent the bike off a hill.I’m sorry I didn’t watch the clip. Breaking bones gives me the willies. Some people don’t like blood, or barf or whatever, I just don’t like bones breaking on film. *blah!*

  2. Zec… you sound like such a pastor during the altar call.Not to quibble…. but…..Actually, indecision is defined as “the inability to make a decision quickly.” So by definition you are wrong… indecision still isn’t a decision. It’s just hesitating before you make your final decision.And as I said… if you hesitate, the decision may be determined for you.

  3. indecision still isn’t a decision. It’s just hesitating before you make your final decision.which is indeed a choice not to decide

  4. Look, enough of all of your philosophyicle nonsense. It breaks down to these two simple quotes:“Hesitate. Die.”— USMC“He who hesitates, masturbates.”— Jim Carrey (Cable Guy)… and cut. print.

  5. There are many in the valley of decision the Bible says….so should we then say the valley of indescision…since tey are hesitating with their decision??I’m sure its just another typeo in the early manuscriptsI’m so sure

  6. Zech, you remind me of the old Rush song “Freewill”If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice

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