14 thoughts on “Signs that the Apocalypse is Near”

  1. We’re not? Way to go Ninja. Just burst my bubble why don’t ya? Wanna kick me while I’m down now too? You do, don’t you? You know you do. LOL 😉

  2. So how much X do you think he dropped before they shot this thing?Seriously, how do you pitch something like this… “Alright David, do mind if I call Mr. Knight? Ok, we’ll stick with Michael then-fine David it is. Anyway, so we take the “Ooga Chaka” song, and take a crazy trip around the world with amazing visual effects–I’ve got a hook-up with a guy that knows a nother guy that does some landscaping for ILM. Think Michael Jacksons “Black or White” video meets the worst Acid flashback you’ve ever had. We’re talking all kinds of wacky costumes, exotic locations… the kids will dig it. Our target audience is the northwestern regions of Scandinavia and a few burnt out villages in Kazakhstan, plus a group of fan’s out of the sudan that has renamed their Tribe “KITT”. They will eat you up, litterally. That’s why we’re going to stick to using blue screen for just about all of it. So what do ya think? Do you love it?”(ackward silence)David Hasselhoff: jumps up and throws his clenched fists in the air while singing “I’m hooked on a feelin’…”… and the rest is history, as they say (unfortunatly for us of course, it’s also reality).

  3. My life is less rich for seeing that. I think that will cost me a couple extra years in purgatory.Does he make his videos in his garage? The production quality sucked. I’d expect much more from a “international superstar.”

  4. he looks like one of the bad guys from one of the superman movies . . .he plays air guitar at the end in a song that has no guitar . . .his motorcycle wheels never turn . . . he’s snowboarding on a sled . . .he looks like he’s afraid he’s going to fall off of the boat? in the ice water . . .he puts on a fish mask at one point? . . .what’s with the dogs? maybe that’s the only animal they could afford, which would explain the rest of the video . . .and it’s a cover song.brain cells killed by another something unoriginal: don’t know. the ones that could figure that out are dead

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