The Lighter Side of Haggard

Now that we’ve got all the serious stuff out of the way, I thought we’d have a little laugh at the Haggard story. Nobody shoots a sacred cow better than Jon Stewart. Most of you have probably seen this, but if you haven’t, it’s not only funny but at the end rings with a grain of truth.

13 thoughts on “The Lighter Side of Haggard”

  1. Aw c’mon, Zec…“Haven’t you heard them preach AGAINST homosexuality?!?”Don’t preachers usually preach sermons about topics that they know… er, um, intimately? 😉 “It is obvious that there could NEVER be any sexual overtones among ministers of THIS prominence & influence…”Oh, no of course not!“I mean, look at their hair! Could men with those hairdos be gay? I think not!”Their cleverly disguised, to throw us off their trail. But the truth is out there!

  2. i love it i love it i love it. it’s people like stewart whom i often wish to be the grandfather i’ve always wanted: silly and wise. it’s amazing how we see the truth in something funny.

  3. Ok, I’ve calmed down a bit, after kicking a stray dog and laughing at a pathetique bum on the street. What?!? I can’t afford therapy!So, I wanted to add one more thing on a gay note. I was reading an interview the other day in Time Magazine with Gore Vidal:Time:What do you think of gay marriage?GV:Since heterosexual marriage is such a disaster, why on earth would anybody want to imitate it?Here’s an idea. How about if the church-o-man spent a little (and by little of course I mean a shit-load) less time trying to ban gay marriage, and focus on rebuilding and upholding the God-designed marriage which has deservedly become an absolute sham. Just a thought…

  4. How do we know for certain that we can rule out sexual overtones with those two? I’m not suggesting anything but they do spend ALOT of time together. Wherever there’s one, the other is usually nearby being as ineffective as the first. 🙂

  5. In an earlier comment to your Haggard letter, I reference this amazing Daily Show bit. However, I incorrectly sited Dobson as one of the sources, for which I appologize (I’m sure he’s a fine fellow…). Pat Robertson and Falwell on the other fuckin hand do not get off so easy. What a disgrace those clowns are. The one in a million (ok maybe one in a thausand) chance we get to publicly show Christ love, and what do these pompous assholes do… completely drop the ball. Unbelievable!!! Satan doesn’t even have to get out of his chair. The good ol’ church-o-man is taking care of business all by itself… he must be soooo proud.Fuck, this kinka thing pisses me off!!!

  6. It’s the same in all walks of life – the most ardent anti-smokers tend to be ex-smokers. Of course, not all generalisations are true – including this one!

  7. I think when Jesus talks of “taking the beam out of your own eye before you try to take the speck out of your brother’s eye,” he’s getting to the heart of human motivation. We tend to be the most “against” what we secretly (or overtly) are guilty of.I know I tend to think people struggle with the same sorts of sins I struggle with, and so I interpret others’ actions accordingly, and think that’s what “truth” they need “spoken into their lives.”So the louder someone rails against some certain “sin,” the more suspicious I am that they themselves are guilty of it in some way.

  8. Aw, ya just had to throw a hard question at me. I’ve never actually thought about it, because I’d be wasting my God given intellect thinking about those two. That’s gotta be a sin! 🙂

  9. <>not all generalisations are true – including this one!<>That’s only partly true. Generalizations exist for a reason. I think it would be more accurate to say, “Not all generalizations are true in every situation.” Any time something like the Haggard or Foley scandals crop up, however, they sure do reinforce that generalization. But it IS important that we not extrapolate that everyone who preaches an anti-gay message is gay themselves. Maybe they just like to talk about Gay sex. A lot. More than the rest of us do. 😉

  10. I am usually the one who laughs the loudest at stuff like this and when I saw it last week, I laughed my ass off. Now, it just makes me sad.

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