Conversation with a True Believer – #1

Recently I was contacted by a reader and asked the following question:

“In your personal opinion, what do you understand that it takes for a person to go to heaven?”

Here is my response to that question:

I know the church and Bible answer to this question. I could give that to you, but why rehash what we already know right? Belief in Christ, trusting in his death and blood atonement for our sins, repentance and a commitment to follow Christ… those sort of answers are what the church answers look like. This is what I would say has been my traditional view on the subject.

But I do not personally believe that it is that black and white anymore. Honestly, I do not think I have a genuine understanding as to what it means for a person to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are going to heaven (in addition as to whether or not one can know there is such a place). I have said on my site that I do not “know, know” anything regarding salvation. For me that is a place of faith, and faith is a lot of things but it is not certainty. And I think that if anyone says they are CERTAIN that they are going to heaven, they are fooling themselves. They can think, they can hope and they can put their trust and belief in their version of what it may mean to go to heaven… but they cannot KNOW.

Only God knows (if she in fact exists – because we can’t really “know, know” that either)… and she isn’t telling what it takes to get to heaven. It’s a mystery…. a great mystery in my opinion. It’s a mystery I enjoy dialoguing about. I appreciate you asking me and if I haven’t been clear, I hope you will feel free to contact me with more questions.


Over the next few posts I will share the conversation Andy and I have had via email over the last couple of weeks. I found it interesting in what it revealed on many levels… both from my perspective and Andy’s.

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