Last night, Stephen Colbert hit a home-run with this summary of the desire for all faiths to get along.

And if you are a Evangelical Christian, substitute “Evangelical Christian” everytime he says “Roman Catholicism”. It drives the same point home.

4 thoughts on “Ecu-Menace”

  1. It’s amazing to me that some of the most profound statements/challenges of/to Christianity is not coming from some glistening plexiglass pulpit or some fishy radio station, but “non-christian” shows such as the Colbert and the Daily Show. Beautiful, just precious.If you really want to ruffle your Christian feathers, check this out. Steve, I tripple dog dare you to post this little diddy:

    …good times.

  2. Dear Steve; What an awesome clip! I’ve heard Colbert interviewed on “Fresh Air” and he is a devout Roman Catholic who loves to push the edges. Thanks!

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