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My apologies (for those who care) to each and every SCP podcast subscribers (if there are any left) for the lack of podcasts over the past quarter of this year. In addition, I would like to express to Josh publicly my apologies for not collaborating with you on the several occasions you have attempted to put together a time for us to podcast recently.

There are really no excuses, just my own reasons. And frankly, I am not sure exactly what all of them are… except one big one. There’s always something to distract me or something else I would rather be doing at the moment.

Last night I was watching Kevin Smith (director of “Clerks”) and he was talking about “writer’s block”. He said that it isn’t so much a block as it is a preference to do anything other than be creative at that given moment. The podcast requires Josh and I getting together (which we do often) and coming up with things to talk about and then sharing it with you fine people. Sounds easy! However, when I think about the “record” button firing up, I just sense that nothing worthwhile will be recorded… so why do it? Plus, I would rather watch football, or re-runs of “Everybody Loves Raymond”, or anything else that may be on the 700 channels of cable I have… rather than being creative.

Josh and I have said that we really need to find a way to record our cell-phone conversations that we have to and from work. Now that’s some good shit! It’s spontaneous, it’s give and take, it ‘s highly entertaining and it’s Josh and I at our “unplugged” best. Until that happens… well, I will just be sitting here flipping channels, looking for someone else to entertain me.

But Kevin Smith did say something interesting. He said he responds best to deadlines when they are given…. that it motivates him to get off his ass and finish the project. And I agree with this… so…. in that spirit, let me declare publicly that Josh and I will do a podcast prior to December 25.

This will be our Christmas gift to you. And as a teaser, Josh and I have talked about the SCP awards that have yet to be handed out this year. So, you can pretty much count on this next show including the coveted SCP Person of the Year.

Any nominees?

22 thoughts on “Podcasters Block”

  1. it’s not that we’ve lost touch, it’s that it’s too obvious; like dobson and robertson. at least, that’s why i’m going with driscoll. he’s given us more than just one quote.

  2. What are the other catergories besides SCP of the Year?If there is a Blog of the Year… it’s gotta be the Haggard three-parter. That’s some good bloggin’!!

  3. I third Mark Driscoll for Stupid Church Person of the Year. His comments after Haggard-gate exploded were just…grrrr.

  4. I think Robertson and Dobson are too obvious. Of course either one of them could snag it as well as Falwell, Hinn and just about anybody on TBN. Who’s Driscoll? I’ve never heard of him.

  5. I’m just amazed that any other church leader is in the running for Stupid Church Person of the Year.Ted Haggard –Campaigned against gaysHappily appeared in a movie where he campaigned against gays..(and helped warp the minds of little kids at a ‘Jesus Camp’)Paid a male body-builder for regular sex by candlelight.Was caught on tape buying methamphetaminesLied about it all when challengedChanged his story but still liedTo this day..denies he’s gay (and is described by a fellow pastor as ‘not being in touch with reality’)………..And there are people here thinking of giving the award to Mark Driscoll…for making one stupid comment…implying that such ‘falls’ are partially the fault of a pastor’s wife?Have you all tried to repress the Haggard episode so much…that you’ve actually lost touch with the stupidity of it all..already?

  6. I nominate Ingrid Schlueter of Slice of Laodecia or Shirley Phelps from Godhatesfags. They are both armed, dangerous and ready to drop Bible Bombs on you.

  7. I think it was Brian Mclaren and Tony Jones last year.Anyway, what about James Dobson? I think using and interview on Larry King Live about Ted Haggard to distance yourself from the guy and then start spouting political opinions is pretty stupid.Also the fact that in Dobson’s home town “Focus On Your Own Damn Family” has become a popular bumper sticker slogan puts him into the category of stupid.

  8. Steve, I eagerly await a new podcast. Each and every day when my podcasts update I keep hoping with fingers crossed for a new SCP. Every day, I am saddened that there is not one. I am still subscribed through iTunes and apparently my perseverence has paid off.Now you need nominees for the SCP of the Year award.Here are some people that leap to mind:Pope Benedict (for his comments on Islam)Rick Warren for his trip to, where was it, Saudi Arabia (and the comments that occurred there).And last but certainly not least,Katharine Jefferts-Schori, the new Episcopalian Bishop who believes and professes that Jesus is in fact, not the way, the truth or the life. See below:“Newly installed Episcopalian Bishop Katharine Jefferts-Schori has announced that she disagrees with Jesus Christ. Jefferts-Schori also said that she does not accept that Jesus is the only way to God.”If I had to pick one person for SCP I’d cast my vote for this woman. Tony Jones won it last year, let’s give the ladies a shot at the title. By doing so, we show that we are not sexist and that stupidity in the church is not just limited to men.

  9. Yeah, for those who didn’t catch what he said, Driscoll basically blamed Haggard’s wife (and pastor’s wives everywhere) for his gay affair. Said it was due to the fact that pastor’s wives have a tendency to “let themselves go” once they marry someone in the ministry, because they know they have them trapped for life.Ugh. The uber-stupidity and offensiveness of his comments is just mind-boggling. Of course, he’s known for being a little mysogynist, but this was over-the-top insane.Not only do pastor’s wives have to put up with a lot of shit (not necessarily from their husbands, but from the SCP’s they encounter on behalf of their husband and how they, as pastor’s wives are “expected” to behave/look/volunteer), but all the pastor’s wives I’ve known have been MORE attractive than the general population.

  10. Now that I know who this Driscoll character is, I can see why everyone wants him to win the SCP of the year award. He is an SCP, no doubt about it. But which is more stupid, making stupid comments about how women are supposed to remain attractive for their husbands, while never mentioning the fact that husbands often let themselves go too and are probably not as appealing to their wives anymore, or to hold a position of authority in the Episcopalian church and declare that Jesus is not the way, the truth and the life. One is stupid in a day-to-day sense and one is stupid in an eternal sense. I’m gonna have to stick with my pick of Episcopalian Bishop Katharine Jefferts-Schori.

  11. are robertson and dobson even eligible?what about driscoll? i think he’s the one for this year. he’s been working really hard for the honor, i think.


  13. Once I discovered the Podcast button, I listened to each and every one of them in their entirety while wiring audio racks in my garage. I really enjoyed most of them.Do more. But really, lay off the SWI. But I’m not sure I can make that request, because it’s not about what I want, it’s about you guys.Oh, jeez . . . I’m confused! If I ask for more, am I being demanding or just respectfully requesting in a supportive, brotherly sort of way? [cradling head in hands] I can’t decide! Out, demons of indecision! Out, minions of the author of double-mindedness! Leave me alone! But wait, what if I lose my ability to see both sides of every issue? What then? What if I choose a side and it’s the wrong one? Which is better, to vacillate or to be decidedly wrong?Oh! The pain! My head! Ahem . . . uh, well, as for the award, I’ll have to defer to those who have been here longer. My opinion is still uninformed at this point.

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