SCP Christmas Special

As promised… the long awaited podcast arrives just in time for Christmas.

Peter and Hank, the SCP Christmas elves wish you a Happy Christmas … Steve and Josh talk about not podcasting … and you come to the conclusion that listening to the SCP podcast makes you dumber.

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9 thoughts on “SCP Christmas Special”

  1. hey guys, thanks for the new podcast, i get how you feel about doing more, but thanks anyways for all of the shows in the past!! have a great holiday, try not to get too fuckered on ‘nog’graham

  2. Steve, I dare you-NO, I triple-dog-dare you, to tag Josh’s little girly car with a “WWJD” sticker (or something of that spiritual-ilk).Now that’s what I call X-mas bitches!I’ll get to your Podcast later…

  3. Guys, I listened to the podcast last night. You made me realize something; I feel so dirty getting geeked about the Emergent movement. What was I thinking? I’ll accept the SCPOTY title.I’d love to hear more from you guys.Happy New Year to the both of you!

  4. I listened to your newest podcast and enjoyed it. I am glad to say, I am not stupid church person of the year because I dont go to Church. I think maybe you guys are a bit harsh on Emergent. I read A new kind of Christian and Brian McLaren makes some good points. However, those who want to follow him are just being stupid and there I think I agree with you. I also think Tony Jones is a good man, but his “conversation” may or may not be what I am looking for. I guess I see hope that in Emergent or Emergent types, I can find an authenticity similar to what I see in you guys. Though I am not going to go down that brain dead following the shepherd road. Just my thoughts. Now that you got a new podcast episode, dont forget to make some new ones. I started a podcast myself, but never have time to do it anymore.God Bless.P.S. Steve, Cages of Pain was an awesome book. Thanks for the recommendation

  5. I think about you both, even when you’re not podcasting. Sorry, I’d share more about how I think about you both, but it’s awfully hard typing with one hand.Happy holidays guys!

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